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Johnathan Johnson

This is my entry for the newest contest.

The Gotham City Knights:

Led by their fearless team "cape"tain, Bruce "Batman" Wayne:

"Get stiff-armed Bat-bitch!"
"Get stiff-armed Bat-bitch!"

For it was only logical. RIP Leonard Nimoy.

Next up, for their first round draft pick, Richard "Nightwing" Grayson:

What a bat-ass... Get it cuz Ba- Oh, nevermind...
What a bat-ass... Get it cuz Ba- Oh, nevermind...

Next in line to be the very best, like no one ever was. Replacing Bruce was my real test but now I'm here to fight! Nightwing-mon!

2nd Round pick goes to Barbara "Bat-girl" Gordon:

Because every team needs that strong female quality, Bat-girl's got it all. Plus, she could probably run straight through people better than Marshawn Lynch.

For their 3rd overall pick, the Gotham City Knights select... Jason "Red Hood" Todddddddddd!


The Gotham City Knights sure are ending this one with a "bang"!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy!


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