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The Men of Steel, a.k.a...

Our fearless leader: Master Chief

Master Chief's leadership qualities are second to none. His infiltration skills could use some work, but whoever heard of a problem that couldn't be solved by more firepower? His combat skills and fighting prowess remain virtually unmatched. Master Chief is willing to make the tough calls and put his pride (and his life) on the line every time out on the field. Leadership involves sacrifice, and no one knows this better than Master Chief. He'd never order his squad to do something he wouldn't do himself, and that is what makes him truly fit to lead.

First Round Pick: The T-800 - Terminator Franchise

"In the first draft pick of the 2015 Moviepilot FANtasy draft, the Men of Steel select... the T-800 from the Terminator universe!"

What Master Chief lacks in infiltration skill, the T-800 makes up for in spades. Blending perfectly into human surroundings, the T-800 is a formidable opponent. The T-800 has no feelings such as fear or pity, and is programmed not to stop until it completes its mission. In a situation such as this, persistence and determination go a long way. The T-800 may have been designed as a psychotic killing machine, but deep down where it really counts, he's a robot you can trust with your life. He's fiercely loyal, virtually indestructible, and has a heart of gold. It's pretty hard to top that combination!

Second Round Pick: Robocop - Robocop Franchise

That's how we do it Detroit style!
That's how we do it Detroit style!

This guy is as upstanding as they come. His prime directives are to "Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, and uphold the law". You can't get much more solid than that. When it comes to battling evil, playing football, or just plain cleaning up the streets, nobody does it with as much courage, fortitude, dedication, and honor as Robocop. His marksmanship is stupendous, and his characteristic gun twirl is a thing of beauty. You can pick your jaw up off the floor now. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Robocop, it's an honor to serve with you.

Third Round Pick: War Machine - Iron Man Franchise

My third and final choice has to go to War Machine. I mean sure, Iron Man's great and all, but he's only got repulsors and a uni-beam. War Machine has all that and more. Rhodey's suit has more than enough firepower to support the entire team if necessary. Plus, Rhodey's tactical abilities and strategic mind will give the Men of Steel a keen edge over their opponents. Rhodey's also the one that will keep the T-800 and Robocop from coming to blows over who has the better one-liners. His one-liners will blow both the robots out of the water. Plus, he's got a way cooler paint job on his suit than Iron Man does. Sorry, Tony. The red and gold just isn't working for ya.


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