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Ty Jensen

Maybe all of you are thinking "This is old news." I haven't posted earlier because I felt I didn't have anything to say. I could have posted about Ben Affleck because Batman is my favorite superhero.

Maybe everyone was surprised by this news. Why does Fox want to make an X-Men TV show? Apocalypse may be the final main movie for awhile? DC is doing well on TV? I love Arrow and Flash.

If this show does happen, I'm sure it will be grounded because it's popular and to reduce effects. Will it be a teen drama? Unlikely because the CW makes teen dramas. Will it be a family show? Maybe, I don't see why not. Maybe it will be mature like Gotham. Hopefully Gotham will improve.

Will the show be in the same universe as the movies? I think it will be it's own universe to allow for creative freedom and it will have an easier time having famous characters like Charles Xavier and Magneto. Okay maybe not those guys.

Maybe all of you find this post boring. This news is very recent and I'm only a casual X-Men fan.


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