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Back to the Future, the first of three time-traveling adventure movie comedies, debuted thirty years ago.

The films and their impact on modern culture are remembered the new documentary, Back in Time, a Kickstarter funded feature, distributed by Gravitas Ventures.

Back in Time will debut on October 21, 2015.

Back in Time features interviews with many people involved in the Back to the Future series, most notably, cast members Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson.

Michael J. Fox was Marty McFly.
Michael J. Fox was Marty McFly.
Christopher Lloyd
Christopher Lloyd

Back to the Future debuted in 1985 and was the top grossing movie of the year. According to the film’s website, it was produced at night to accommodate the schedule of lead actor, Michael J. Fox, who was also appearing in the hit sitcom, Family Ties.

Back to the Future II was filmed simultaneously with Back to the Future III. The second installment was released in 1989 and the third came in 1990.

Back to the Future’s franchise also included an animated series, which ran for twenty-six episodes and two seasons from 1991-1992.

Back to the Future theme park rides came to Florida, Hollywood and Japan (the Japan ride is still in operation).

The series also spawned a number of video games across numerous gaming platforms.

A Back to the Future musical was to debut in London this year but apparent behind-the-scenes matters have delayed it until next year.

Finally, despite the film world's obsession with “remaking” movie franchises into oblivion, director Robert Zemeckis this year told the London Daily Telegraph that he and writer Bob Gale will stop every effort to make a fourth installment as long as both men are alive.

This can be considered to squash any rumors to the contrary.


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