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People say but they are really saying don't judge me as I judge others

I see that this "" has finally stopped and for that I am glad. This challenge was suppose to show teenagers looking "unattractive" with things like unibrows, glasses, fake acne, etc on their faces. Then after about 10-15 seconds they reveal their "true identity." The reason for this challenge was suppose to be empowering for people that were faced with these qualities that were looked down upon. It started because a woman posted a picture of herself without makeup and was gravely looked down upon and forced to see such negative comments. The true victim of cyberbullying. The video below is the exact reason.

Even though this challenge was set out to start with no makeup and acne, etc, that just helped to show that if you have these flaws then you should cover them up. This is not the challenge that was suppose to help empower people, but the challenge to bring them down and make them want to hide who they truly are and what they look like. The following videos will direct you in ways that should help empower people with facial flaws, instead of the way that most people around believe was the way.

These videos help to show people to be who you are because everyone has flaws. Even these most beautifulest of people have flaws and everyone is beautiful in their own way because everyone is different. These videos help to show how people can be empowered in their own skin which is way better than this:




Do you think this challenge is judgmental?


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