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Aaron Rosario

Let's start with the main member-

Bruce Wayne/Batman- Jon Hamm:

If anyone can play a really good Batman, it will be Mad Men's Jon Hamm. He looks like Bruce Wayne straight out of the comics. I mean come on, he looks great in a suit.

Clark Kent/Superman- Matt Bomer:

Yeah, I guess Henry Cavill is a good Superman but imagine if Matt Bomer was Superman. He's built, a great actor, and has a very similar hairstyle as Clark Kent. If you watch White Collar, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman-Evangeline Lilly:

Antman, The Hobbit, Lost, and Real Steel. These are only some of her shows and movies where she kicks ass. If she plays Wonder Woman, that would be just another one to put on that list. She is beautiful, strong, and an incredible actress. She would be perfect for the role.

Hal Jordan/Green Lantern- Chris Pine

Probably the best choice for Green Lantern. After the Green Lantern movie failed, everyone wanted a reboot. This should be the new Hal Jordan! He already knows how to kick ass in Star Trek. Let him kick ass as Hal Jordan!

Barry Allen/The Flash- Neil Patrick Harris:

Just think for second, The Flash and NPH are very alike. They're both funny and wise cracking. They both have nice blond hair. They're both fit. Come on, he will make a great Barry Allen.

Arthur Curry/Aquaman- Josh Holloway:

This man would be an amazing Aquaman. Just look at his long blond hair. And what does Aquaman have? Long blond hair. He's an amazing actor especially in the show Lost that he was in.

J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter- Benedict Cumberbatch:

There is nothing to say except how great this will be if this happened.

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