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With great fire comes great and yummy s'mores. Monday was S'more Day and I celebrated it by smashing chocolate and gooey marshmallow between two graham crackers. There is nothing better than the sticky goodness on a cool summer night. As I was sitting here, licking the chocolate off my lips, I asked my friends and family who they would want to invite to a friendly cookout in the backyard. Of course, me being the Marvel fan I am, I would want the Avengers over for a cookout. Why would I want these people at the party? More importantly, what roles would these people have? I thought through it, and decided I would choose the Avengers because of the following characteristics you see below.

Thor: The 'Only Came to Eat' Guy

Of course we all know who would eat everything as it came off the grill. Thor is that guy who doesn't bring anything, but would come anyway to eat and hang out. He is that single bachelor who lives in the small house down the street. You don't want the extra mouth, but you feel bad for him. So what do you do? Invite his large stomach over. Maybe you can finally get him hitched to the girl you know from work.

Bruce Banner: The Drill Commander

Bruce is the annoying neighbor who you try to not invite. He comes over and you panic. Looking over the table, you see that everything is a mess and not orderly. He needs everything just so, or he gets really hot under the collar. Banner takes one look at the disorderly table and starts bossing everyone around. No one truly likes him, but you have to pretend that you appreciate his help. It doesn't matter if you spent hours setting the table up under the tree.

Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff: The Master Chefs

Since Barton is the family man, he knows his way around a grill. He comes over and saves the day with his trusty spatula. Natasha, his right-hand...woman, isn't far behind with the hotdogs that you forgot to grab. They are those friends you always want to invite over. They put your mind at ease, and no one goes hungry with the foodies around!

Steve Rogers: The Talker

Just like any senior citizen, the man loves to reminiscence. He's that guy at the party that wants to tell everyone about the fish he caught last week, or about the birds that landed on his bird feeder that morning. Everyone loves to listen, and who could resist listening to the cute little old man?

Tony Stark: The Life of the Party

This is a no brainer, who wouldn't want Tony Stark at their party? He brings all the fun and gadgets with him. You invite him because you know your party will be amazing with him there. When he walks in, the party starts. It's just what happens! If you are lucky, he might bring everyone's favorite game and run a few rounds with the kids.

This is who I would invite over to my house for s'mores. We'd all have an amazing time, no artificial intelligence needed.


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