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So next year we're getting two ultimate, long awaited, hero vs hero movies; DC's Batman Vs Superman dawn of justice, and Marvel's Civil war.

So now I'm going to predict and give my opinion on whats gonna happen in these movies and which one will be more successfull, according to me.

DC's worlds finest

So DC didn't really do much with their characters yet in the cinematic univerese, maybe it's because they wanna see what Marvel does and pickoff what Marvel did wrong.

All DC did before Man Of Steel was Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Which was everything I expected batman to be. Except in the third movie showing that batman was mortal and all he did was get beat up by bane and bring the bomb away from the city, plus I'm prerty sure catwoman was the one who took out Bane. That in my mind is the total opposite of a good batman movie. I believe a good batman movie should show just how mortal batman is, but comes back for more and do the impossible. The dark knight is supposed to overcome any obstacles in his way, in the third movie he spend more time healing than being badass.

Moving on from batman we have the Godlike Superman. In man of steel we saw superman's origin and how much destruction superman caused by fighting Zod and his goons. The man of steel movie was fully satisfying, I love how they embraced the darker superman instead of giving us one of those old nineties superman, which was extremely BORING.

The new superman was more realistic, despite people yapping about the destruction, but what do you expect when godlike aliens fight it out, well that happens...

Now batman and superman have fought it out before in comics and 99% of the time batman whoops superman's ass. Thats because batman has mental/moral attacks against superman, and also lots of gadgets and stuff (kryptonite ring, yatta yatta yatta...) but its really these mental/moral attacks that break superman, this is one of the reasons Batman is the toughest hero in the DC universe.

Lets start with the plot. I don't get it, batman goes after superman because he thinks he's dangerous? I mean batman knows better then that. Batman would know superman fights to protect the world and that collateral damge was inevitable. I just can't grasp batman going after superman for such a lowsy reason like that.

Now not a single piece of kryptonite shown in the new cinematic universe,I don't know if there is kryptonite in the movie but I'll asume they don't, which means they are intentionally wanting batman to lose, to get humiliated, but knowing batman when he has his reasons (in this case his pretty stupid reason) he'll go after superman even if it kills him.

Anotherthing I don't like is Batman isn't "dark" enough. I don't know how to put it but batman lost his color (not that he had any) starting with choosing Ben Affleck, in my opinion Affleck is more suited in a patriotic character than in a batman character. Plus the batsuit looks wierd, I mean it doesn't look like batman anymore, I kinda prefer Nolan's batsuit way better than Snyder's suit.

So Snyder is know for good directing, but poor story telling, and I believe there is almost no character behind the fight. I mean it's like in WWE where two superstars meet a week before ppv and they make a crappy story so they can put two A Listers in a ppv match, and that in my opinnion is what they are doing with Batman vs Superman.

I think adding all those unnecessary characters in was well... unnecessary, this shows that they're setting this up for the Justice League movie (duh..), meaning that they this is almost like a promotion for that movie so they're probably like "her we need to get people excited about a justice league movie. Put superman in batman in a fight and add stupid justice league characters in it."

Please you know how this one's gonna end, batman and superman stop fighting, make up and form the justice league. That is exactly how it's gonna end, because they can't kill off any character.

So I can't wait to see this movie for myself and hopefully prove myself wrong about this movie having no meaning in it.

Marvel Divides In Half

Marvel as we know it, got a head start in cinematics, In the beginning Iron man was a pretty good movie. It showed everything Iron man was about, and kt hit jackpot by picking Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

In my mind Marvel was doing seriously good with Iron man untill Iron Man 3, which to me was a total waste of the Iron man character. I mean they put him against a terrorist (which was a good story) untill they reveal that the terrorist shit was just an act, and it was really about some idiot stealing his formula. Plus I don't get why he blew up all his suits, says he retires, then magically apears in the Avengers: Age of Ultron (was another stupid ass movie by marvel). I mean thats Marvel's downfall their plots just get mixed up and doesn't make any frickin sense.

Captain america however was pretty much awesome untill The Winter Soldier, what does he do exactly? Why did the avengers suddenly stop only to suddenly reappear without any frickin reason.

In the winter soldier it was just like Batman in the dark knight rises. The difference is The Dark Knight Rises's story actually had some sense. I mean why on earth would shield make some stupid dangerous weapon that would kill anyone in the planet.

Did they not consider someone trying to take it away or hack it? Or are they like " lets build a super dangerous weapon that could kill anyone on the planet, who cares if we're supposed to protect the world. Nahh who would even think of hacking it? People are nice nowadays." See what I mean?

Anyway now Marvel is makin The civil war movie, when I heard the news I was dissapointed they didn't do the skrull-kree arc first so that the civil war would make more sense. Marvel be like "Heck who cares about the sroryline just make sure you put A listers in the same movie and people will love it."

Seeing that Marvel is with disney and shit It's probably not going to go down properly. In the original story arc, Iron man wins the war and steve rogers dies at the end of the arc, and bucky barnes continues the mantle of captain america.

Seeing disney being involved they'll probably make both paeties come to an agreemanr and live happily ever after like this never happened. The makers are too concered about the child viewers than the actual epic story. So I will be Extremely disappointed if no one dies in that arc.

Besides the civil war is actually a pretty lengthy story arc so you can't do it in an 1hour and a half movie, i'd say around 2 and a half hours would be the shortest way ro put the story.

In the actual arc almost every single Marvel character is involved, but all the talk here is about spider-man. I mean come on! This is supposed to be an All-Stars movie!

There are a lot of doubts going into the Civil War movie but lets hope it doesn't just care about cliche' children endings but the dark side this is civil war is actually about. Can't wait to write a review about it.

All in All

So Both movies are just around the corner and this is the one of thw most important movies for both Universes. They both need this to be successful.

All in all we know that both Companies can't just kill off a character, instead both of them need both of their characters (DC needs Batman and superman, and Marvel needs Captain America and Iron Man.

But If i had to say which one would more entertaining... it would have to be Dawn Of Justice because this something new and fresh whereas Marvel's probably gonna throw the same shit all over again, then again both universes have done crazy shit in the comics.

These are just my predictions and opinions nothing more. I will definetly catch both movies!


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