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I am an avid movie watcher. I love all genres of movies, old and new, big blockbusters and straight to dvd. However, horror films are my fav
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I first heard about this movie being released in 2007, but because of many delays the film was not released until October 2009, straight to DVD. Unfortunately, it seems the sequel is experiencing many delays.

This a great horror anthology film. Bringing back memories of Tales From the Crypt and Creepshow. It centers around 4 horror stories that take place on Halloween night. The stories include a serial killer, werewolves, ghosts, and Sam. Sam is a character who seems to be a guide through these stories. In a way, he makes sure people are following the rules of Halloween. Trust me, you wouldn't want to break the rules. He looks like a child but turns out to be something else. He wears orange coveralls and a very cool looking mask made out of burlap.

This was a very entertaining film. I love horror anthologies, but I hadn’t seen a decent one in a long time. Check out this film or if you’ve seen it let me know what you thought about it.


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