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Jamil Wright

The Challenge

Our universe is facing a threat the likes of which has never been seen before. The 'powers that be' have released little information, but we know our world is in jeopardy and we must defend it with our lives! Your mission: Put together a fantasy team of your favorite fictional characters and film personalities from any fandom (movies, games or TV shows) or cinematic universe. Create your own team name, choose 1 team captain and 3 'draft picks' to make up your dream team.

I'll attempt to do just that. Here goes.

Leader: Captain America

With Captain America's years of Leadership he makes for the perfect Captain! From leading the Avengers to even leading his fellow comrades in war, Captain America is perfect. His technician skills and Will to Win makes him more than qualified to lead any team!

1st Round Pick: Naruto Uzumaki

So my first pick is Naruto Uzumaki! Naruto has been known to be very reliable in battle. With his spirit and care for his friends Naruto never gives up. No matter the situation or the cost Naruto always finds a way to win. Not to mention his Shadow Clones that give him a huge advantage!

2nd Round Pick: Spider-Man

Spider-Man is a great teammate for countless reasons. He's been apart of the Avengers, New Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic 4, and even has formed his own team! With Spider-Man also having a huge Will to Win, he never gives up! From his cocky jokes to his heavy emotions for his friends and family, he is for sure a good choice for any team! Spider-Man diffidently has the Will to Win!

3rd Round Pick: The Mask!

And for last pick it's the Mask! His Humor and craziness would bring joy to any team! His jokes, classiness, and charm make him stand out from everyone else! From his insane weapons that seem to come out of nowhere to all his surprises and tricks under his sleeve, he sure does make things interesting and fun! No doubt does he have the Will to Win!


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