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This is my team for the Moviepilot contest entry.


Superman is the definition of a true leader. He bold,brave,intelligent,caring and will always do the right thing no matter what. He the type of person you want your son to become. Superman is a man who can inspire millions and is truly a symbol of hope. But when things get messy he a excellent combatant and a great leader when things hit the wire and you hope that Superman is fighting with you and not against you.


Kratos is a person you want to ABSOLUTELY have on your team. Kratos is a man full of rage and anger and is a absolute beast in battle. He is a warrior to be reckon with on the battlefield and is most definitely a person you want to side with because if your going against him you might be on the long list of people who have met his blade. Kratos has the full power of the God of War and has taken down Greek Gods with this power. He is a must have on my team.

2nd DRAFT PICK-Ultron.

Ultron is a cold calculating robot who wants to conquer the world but in the process wants to eradicate every human being that on the Earth. Ultron is nearly impossible to beat seeing how he is made out of adamantium and is an extremely strong robot who poses as a physical and mental threat to anybody he going against. Hell at one point Ultron took out the entire Avengers with ease, yes the Avengers. He can hack into any computer on Earth and can go toe to toe with some very worth foes, for example the Hulk. Ultron is someone who can give you nightmares because of how evil and cold he is but damn it if you needed someone to fight with Ultron is a candidate to go to. And remember there are no strings on me.

3rd DRAFT PICK- Anti-Monitor.

Anti-Monitor is a foe so powerful it took the entire DC universe to defeat him. His power is beyond comprehension, he killed Supergirl with little to no ease and when Superman was striking blows to him it did little damage to him. Anti-Monitor most devastating ability is to absorb all his surroundings into himself, once he fused with the anti-matter universe,he went as even as far to absorbing the energies of entire universes. Anti-Monitor is not immortal but is basically indestructible seeing how as long as the anti-matter universe exists. Anti- Monitor is a foe no one wants to deal with seeing as how he basically unstoppable.


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