ByJoey Martinez, writer at

Yes!!! I Would Love To See This Next Mortal Kombat Movie only If it Contains More Blood And Guts And More Blood and Guts Splashing Every where With More Bone Breaking Brutal Martial Art Moves in it, I Really Do have to be honest With This one Ladies And Gentlemen, The First Mortal Kombat Movie Was Pretty Good but It wasn't Anything Like The Actual Video Game as Far As Blood And Gut's Go, We Need More Blood And We Need To See Bloody Spine Pulling Scenes in The Movie. It's Not Right To Take out Those Little Special features or Effect's out of the Game or The Actual Mortal Kombat Movie or Movies in General, Mortal kombat And All it's Fans Deserve a Bloody Foul Disgusting Bone Breaking Spine Chilling and Pulling Movie, Just Like You See in Freddy Vs Jason or Any other Bloody Disgusting Disturbing horror Film, it's only right To Have All The Right Special Features And Effect's Like The Matrix or Any Other Horror Film's out Their, With all The New technology That's Out Their its about time we See A Mortal Kombat Movie That Lives up to its Reputation.

I Just Hope That James Wan Can Pull This one off.


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