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Well, this challenge is really interesting. Not only we have to choose the team that will win us a championship but also save the world? That's a tall order.

My choices will be based on football as well, to keep the theme of a real Fantasy Football draft, choosing current players for this upcoming season and their fictional counterparts.

Here goes nothing...


TEAM CAPTAIN: Captain America - The First Avenger / Andrew Luck - Indianapolis Colts

Chris Evans' Captain America has been a nice turn for the character throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) but the portrayal during The First Avenger is, personally, the best one yet. Here we see a Steve Rogers with a natural charm that lights up the screen. Captain America is that person you want to look up to and see what's his next move. He is the Quarterback of any team and will be trusted with the ball in the last seconds of the game. In this case, when the world faces an imminent threat, Captain America will be the person to rally behind for that last push that will give us the victory, even if that means certain death. He is not only a good soldier, he is a leader and a master strategist. Even if the plan goes to hell, Captain America will "stretch the play" to come up with a plan B.

Andrew Luck is one of the elite Quarterbacks nowadays. With only three seasons in the NFL, Luck has established himself as one of the up and coming greats. His teammates love him and his rivals respect him. Luck tends to "kill with kindness" and that drives the opponent nuts. They don't know if he is making fun of them or just acknowledging what a great hit his opponent landed. He is tough, durable, smart and willing to make the play even if that means he is going to end up on the ground. He plays for the team and will be always in the front lines leading his teammates, just like Captain America. Oh, and their throwing ability is also a plus.

1st Round Pick: The Flash - CW TV series / Le'Veon Bell - Pittsburgh Steelers

Sticking to the tried and true formula of picking Running Backs in the first rounds while creating your Fantasy Football team, our first round pick is also a speedster that can change the outcome of the game in the last second.

Both Flash and Bell are the future of our world and the future of our Fantasy season. Our teams are created around these two individuals. Flash is that wild card that may save us at the end of the day. If anything goes wrong, Flash can go back in time and warn us of the imminent danger we are facing and correct the mistakes done in the future. Bell will change the course of the game in one breakaway. Difficult to stop one-on-one but like Flash, Bell relies on his nimble feet and speed rather than brute force.

Both share a weakness, though. They both stand out and for that reason, they become the first priority of the opponent. Both are young and sometimes reckless, putting themselves in harm's way unnecessarily but if they come on top, boy, good luck stopping them.

2nd Round Pick: Ryu Hayabusa - Ninja Gaiden (video game series) / Marshawn Lynch - Seattle Seahawks

Silent and deadly. Both Ryu and Lynch will destroy the opponent while looking beautiful doing it. They both obliterate hordes of opponents to get to the goal line. If you need that extra push, these are your guys. Ryu is the "tank" needed in your team to face the threat head on and even if the opponents are expecting him, he won't be denied. Just like Lynch, no amount of preparation will be enough to eliminate him completely. You may be able to slow them both down but at the end, they will get to you.

Their weakness is that they will try to do more than you ask them to. Ryu might get overwhelmed by the enemy with no way to escape and Lynch might lose more yards than gaining by trying to force his way in between the opponents. Sometimes, the best strategy is to retreat and regroup. Sometimes, less is more.

3rd Round Pick: Morrigan - Dragon Age (video game series) / Odell Beckham Jr. - New York Giants

Talk about high-risk / high-reward. With our final selection, we get Morrigan from the Dragon Age universe and Odell Beckham Jr., Wide Receiver of the New York Giants. Both of them serve as our Hail Mary and breather on the battlefield. With Odell, we have the opportunity to stay on the field a little bit longer and rack up the points and Morrigan, with her abilities, will give us that break we need to turn the flow of the battle to our favor.

Odell, just like Morrigan, might not be even human. Once the ball is in the air, you never know how he will get it but he will. He defies laws of physics, just like Morrigan and her magic. He contorts his body in a way that looks like he will shape-shift (maybe Morrigan taught him that) in the next move. When in doubt, just throw it to Odell and leave Morrigan to do what she does best.

Their abilities and contributions are unquestionable but both of them are unpredictable, though. Morrigan might have a plan cooked up during the threat and might end up using it to her advantage, leaving our team hanging out to dry in the climax of the confrontation. Odell might win or lose us the game. He might end up be our last chance to win the game or might be the wrong decision to throw the ball to. Too many variables, too many risks.

Desperate times, desperate measures.


Well, there you have it. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the read.

As a bonus, I'll leave you with an old school Nike commercial that shows how our planet's best athletes can defend us from the forces of evil. It's not football (well, maybe for some) but I like to call it soccer instead. Enjoy!


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