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Fathom events has made a name for itself by releasing fan-favorite affairs. From opera specials to animated Dragon Ball Z fan-service, audiences are able to experience their favorite social events and properties on the big screen, As a nature documentary enthusiast, I was particularly excited to see that Enchanted Kingdom, a BBC Earth production about the wonders of Africa, was hitting select theaters stateside on August 10th and 11th.

From every angle, Enchanted Kingdom is a wonderment. The top notch production value we have all come to expect from BBC Earth is on full display on the big screen and it is a true joy to behold. Even after we explored the depths of the ocean in Blue Planet and wandered all 7 continents in Planet Earth, the British nature experts were able to find fresh footage to gift audiences. Many moments throughout the film illicit audible gasps in amazement as you are left wondering how the film-makers were able to capture these shots.

Usually I am not the biggest fan of 3D but the 3D here creates a unique and cinematic experience unlike any big screen documentary we've seen to this point. The 3D adds so much depth to the screen that it often transports you to feeling as though you are exploring Africa yourself. The water scenes in particular are stunning utilizing the visual effect.

There isn't much for story by way of Enchanted Kingdom but this wasn't produced by Disney. The animals themselves provide plenty of entertainment and our senses are heightened with amusing musical choices that create laughter, suspense and thrills. For his part, Idris Elba is a terrific narrator. His voice is regal and smooth, while pushing the story along with spurts of funny one liners and insightful knowledge.

If you enjoy nature documentaries than this is a must see, especially in 3D on the big screen. It is more than worth the price of admission but by time you've read this review, it will only be available one more night! Your last opportunity is Tuesday August 11st, so rush out and support this effort!


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