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I read a lot of these post and want to make it my mission not to be misleading in any of mine.
Jeremy Frey

So i have been asking alot of people thus question, and I have been getting some uncreative answers. I like hearing people's opinion on matters like this. Who will win in the upcoming Batman v Superman movie?

Well in the comics if I remember correctly Batman usually "wins", but I wonder what direction the filmmakers plan on taking it. I am a big fan of all the recent Marvel and DC films, and I think that DC has the potential to make more money then The Avenger if done correctly.

Okay, so as far as power goes, I think we can all agree that Superman can beat Batman in an arm wrestling match, but that is never how it goes. Batman is smart. He is not going to risk everything in a fist fight with the Man of Steel. I think we will see some of Batman's brainpower doing alot of the fighting in this one. In the end, I think they will band together and fight a common threat, but if I had to choose who I think would win, I would have to go Batman. What do you guys think?


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