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With teams that were revealed about a week ago, they could explain some rivalry of each member. I just wanted to take wild guesses of who could fight who. Fights that would make this movie so memorable. Because what I think may happen is each team facing off. So here goes...

Captain America vs. Iron Man

Of course these two are gonna be at it. The plot itself said Captain and Iron Man aren't gonna be seeing eye to eye with these "Sokovia Accords", which may be the Superhero Registration Act.

Scarlet With vs. Vision

I know what you're thinking. These two get married! They are lovers. In the MCU, not just yet. They're both teammates as New Avengers. It would just be cool to see them duke it before Vision takes her away and asks "Do you wanna see my hard-drive?"

Black Widow vs. Winter Soldier

This fight would actually be unstoppable. Both Natasha and Bucky are badass. I liked that 20 second fight they had in Captain America Winter Soldier. Since Natasha is supposedly the double agent, is it possible for those two to have romance? I saw on a game that Black Widow has some sort of romance with Bucky. Why not show an example? (Which has a 5% chance of happening)

Falcon vs. War Machine

I'm only saying this could happen because they are the best buds of both Cap and Iron Man. If those 2 Avengers duke it out, Falcon and War Machine would do the same. It woulda just be a good fight. If I were a director or screenwriter, I would love to make this happen to make fans excited.

Hawkeye vs. Black Panther

This is very likely since it was confirmed that Hawkeye and Black Panther will have some sort of rivalry. It then turns out to be normal. So who knows, we might just see them go at it before Hawkeye gives T'Challa his bowl of milk. This fight woul just be because they are rivals. Black Panther is really neutral and will be doing his own thing.

Spider-Man vs. Ant-Man

Wouldn't this be a hilarious fight? Even though it'll become unfair once Ant-Man grows 30 feet tall, Spider-Man could figure it out. But these guys are really friends, and sometimes teammates. Wouldn't Ant-Man try to get Spider-Man's mind right about who's side he's joining? He would say that he's a kid and that he shouldn't give hisself to the government because he's a superhero. He'a better off solo. Will Scott cause Peter to switch sides, similar to what he did in the comics?

Extras: (Some that aren't likely to happen)

Hulk vs. Red Hulk

Plenty of reasons why this is very unlikely to happen in the movie, even though we woul very much like to see this. General Ross is in the movie, played by William Hurt, but I highly doubt he'll suit up. People are also saying that Hulk is seemingly confirmed for Civil War. But we dont know if he is or not. If he is, there's no one else that would try to fight him but Red Hulk himself. Everyone else doesn't stand a chance! Not even Vision!

Iron Spider/Spider-Man vs Captain America

Can anyone else see Iron Man bribe Parker into trying to take down Cap bu giving him thenIron Spider suit? I can. I never read the Civil War comic but I think before Spider-Man switched sides, he got into a little scuffle with Cap. But again, if I were the screenwriter, I woukd have Cap convince Spidey to join him instead of Stark. Thats almost certain. In my opinion that would be the most amazing fight in the MCU. All because its the first time Spidey will fight another superhero, instead of a villain. It would be a funny thing to see especially in a movie like this. Spider-Man is expected to get his hands dirty in thenfilm. Do you think he'll get into it with Cap? And then Stark? Which reminds me...

Spider-Man vs Iron Man

I'm almost certain Spider-Man will betray Stark. His teenage mind could get manipulated by Cap like in the comics. Maybe a little differently though. Who knows? Maybe THIS is the fight that will excite the entire fandom. What do you guys think? Just to let you know, these are all theories that I would like to see on screen. But lemme know what you think in the comments! Try to add on this my theories or remove some.


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