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It's the team up that was bound to happen sooner or later and no I'm not talking about Batman and Superman. I'm talking about a team so huge and legendary that the very Earth quakes when we hear these two are working together again. Its Leonardo Dicaprio and Martin Scorsese talking yet another movie together and what a grandiose moment that is. The two have brought us instant classics like The Departed, The Wolf Of Wall Street, and Shutter Island and many more amazing films. It looks like we are going to be getting treated to yet another amazing project by them and one Leonardo has been attached since 2010...yeah its that important. The latest from the duo will be an adaptation of the Erik Larson’s book The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair That Changed America based on the infamous serial killer H. H. Holmes. The man was one of the first documented serial killers and killed between 27-200 people during Chicago World Fair. Its a pretty dark and gruesome story but i believe in the hands of Scorsese and Dicaprio we will be in for another amazing adaptation.

Leonardo will take on the role of H.H Holmes which will be interesting to see Leo take on a role much more darker toned than he has done in the past. Leonardo Dicaprio's role in Django Unchained as Calvin Candie proved he could be ruthless yet add so much charm and charisma to his character. This will be something we might see with Leonardo's take on Holmes who was able to lure all his victims to their death. If any actor is able to bring this character to life it is Dicaprio who is way overdue for an Oscar at this point but hopefully that will change with The Revenant another amazing film starring Dicaprio. Nonetheless, if Leonardo is snubbed from that i truly believe The Devil in the White City will be the one that wins the Oscar for Leonardo.

The film will also be penned by Billy Ray who also did Hunger Games, and Captain Phillips so we can expect some solid dialogue and story telling. It seems like this movie has everything going for it to turn into another classic from the duo. We also know that both Scorsese and Dicaprio are producing so theres a lot of hope from both of them for this movie. I'm definitely excited for this movie and can not wait to hear more news from this movie but its definitely on the list for most anticipated. The project is still in development but are you excited to see this on the big screen and to see Dicaprio and Scorsese teaming up once more?


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