ByDean Tobin, writer at

In less than 39 weeks, the ultimate super-hero battle will begin. And they have confirmed the teams of each side in the movie.

Here is some of what we know: The Winter Soldier is going to be in this next Captain America, and he will be on his bestfriend's side, Captain Steve Rogers; Black Panther is in this next Captain America movie too, but he's not on a side, instead he's on a mission that hasn't been revealed yet; they are not following every detail that came out of the comics; and the super heroes are being split into two teams over a Superhero Registration Act, Team Captain America (basically the rebels) and Team Iron Man (the team sided with the government. That being said, let's take a look at the teams.

Team Captain America:

-Captain America



-Scarlett Witch


-The Winter Soldier

Team Iron Man:

-Iron Man



-Black Widow (surprisingly)

-War Machine

I want to talk about Black Widow being on team Iron Man. I am on Team Captain America, but I am not being biased or hating on Team Iron Man, but it's just that I think Black Widow should be on Team Captain America because they have been partners in almost every movie they were in. This is most likely going to break their bond, relationship, and most of the marvel fans hearts, but who knows? Maybe Marvel did this for a reason.


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