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With the recent announcement that Warner Bros. is moving forward with production of a Nemesis movie it's only a matter of time before we start hearing casting news. If you don't know who the character Nemesis is, he is basically Batman in every way, but he has the psychotic mind of the Joker. With a character as interesting and unique as this one, I took it upon myself to speculate, which actor will land the coveted role of Nemesis?

Clive Owen

He has been out of blockbusters for quite some time. Despite his break from the big screen, Clive Owen is still an enormously talented actor. He led one of the best films of the decade, Children Of Men. His ability to carry a movie and convey emotion are undeniable. What drew me to Clive Owen becoming Nemesis was his performance in Shoot Em' Up. Even though this is not his best movie, he embodies many of the characteristics necessary to become Nemesis. In the same movie, we get a great look at his ability to perform action as well, which will be completely necessary for this role. We've seen him play a more cold and stoic man in both of the aforementioned films, and I think this would fit very organically into the character and story of the Nemesis film.

Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch is probably the least experienced actor on this list. Studios have attempted to mold him into a leading man before, and it did not go so well. However, having just finished season 2 of True Detective, I feel that Kitsch is finally ready to fill the shoes the studios have been yearning for him to step into. When portraying his war veteran and CHP officer Woodrugh in True Detective, he really showed us that he can act on par with A-list actors. One of the scenes that convinced me he was a great fit for this part was when he yells at his mother for stealing his bug-out money. He vaguely recalls the events that led to him earning that money during the war, and you can see the anger and pain in his eyes as he points to his horrendous scars. He yells,

I bled for that money!

Kitsch has an unhinged look in his eyes that would allow him to pull off the psychotic murderer that is Nemesis. Along with this, he is in fantastic shape and has proven his action skills in Lone Survivor.

Hugh Jackman

With Jackman leaving Wolverine, he is finally free to take on other properties. As physically intensive as Wolverine is, he would not have to keep up that level of muscle tone. Despite this, Jackman is always in amazing health and has more muscle than most of us can ever even dream of. Not only is he a great physical match for Nemesis, but Jackman has said in an interview with Collider, with regards to playing Blackbeard in Pan, that:

I'm thrilled to be asked to play it; all actors want to play the villain.

After watching the trailers for Pan, he definitely looks manically menacing. I think Jackman has an untapped ability to play really great villains. Along with his massive charisma, he has the range to portray an unhinged psycho murderer. This would be the perfect fit for the character of Nemesis.

Brad Pitt

Tyler Durden himself! Pitt has graduated to more heroic roles in films in the last few years, but he can pull of a damn good villain. Like the previously mentioned actors, Pitt has that special glimmer in his eye that turns your stomach and makes you feel uneasy. What better quality could there possibly be when the role is described as Batman who acts like the Joker? We know Pitt is still very much in shape and has a much more grizzled look nowadays, but that could work fantastically since Batman has been older in many of his incarnations. It would open up an even greater parallel between the two characters which would ultimately benefit Nemesis. I think this would be a great role for Pitt to help set him apart from the other roles he's been doing, and it would hearken back to the days of Fight Club and Kalifornia. He also has one hell of a smile that, if partnered with some blood and murder, would make him seem even crazier!

Jake Gyllenhaal

He hits every aspect of the character right on the head. We have seen everything we need to see from Gyllenhaal in order to imagine him completely owning this character like no one else possibly could. We've seen him excel at being a self-centered psychopath in Nightcrawler. He's been a damaged, yet methodical detective in Prisoners. We've also seen him embrace duality and inner psychosis in Enemy. Finally, Gyllenhaal was even up for the role of Batman during the Dark Knight Trilogy, so we know he potentially had the chops to portray the big man himself. All of these performances and attributes combine for a perfect storm, making him the most qualified and deserving actor to take on this menace to society. I think Gyllenhaal would absolutely crush this role and it could potentially become the career defining performance for him.

I hope you enjoyed the list, and I'm sure fans of Nemesis have their own actor in mind to portray this killer character. If you have someone else in mind that you think could outdo any of these amazing actors, please be sure to let me know who and why in the comments below!



Out of these 5 who do you think would do the best portraying Nemesis on the big screen?


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