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Kamen rider and Super sentai they are the tokusatsu series created by Toei studios of japan,The first series were co-created by mangaka Shotaro Ishinomori they are Kamen rider (1971) and Himitsu Sentai Goranger (1975)

It has entertained many viewers for many years it even entertain us from other countries using internet especially to the super sentai series when it was viewed by older audience who watched power rangers when they were young because the fight footage they pasted from every power rangers season are every super sentai series footage and are dubbed in English.

The kamen rider and super sentai are considered as a entertainment to viewers and young ones alike like Ultraman who is considered by some a Japanese answer to Superman.

But now there are problems in both Kamen rider and SUper sentai franchise by its production TOEI Studios and there are reasons why:

  • Both the shows budgets are low
  • Toei and Bandai focus more on toy ratings than TV ratings (which happened to the hibiki staff when toei fired them because it doesn't increase the 'Toy charts')
  • They spent too much budget on yearly sentai and rider movies every year that they should have used for direct to video film or skip them for a while.
  • They let the toy company do the theme choice while the studios like toei come up with a story for the theme the toy company chose.
  • They also have experience young people who never experience acting to play as the main heroes like sentai and rider.
  • The production company didn't have more free time to improve the plot and let the show remain in a few week hiatus to give more time to improve.
  • Both shows aired on a Sunday time slot only which result in less viewership.
  • Decline of japan's birth rate.
  • And lastly the decline of the tokusatsu effects due to growing of better special effects and increase of CGI

So in order to prevent those problems here are the solutions to resolve them:

  • Let the shows budget be Medium so that the quality will be improved.
  • Focus more on tv ratings and less on toy ratings because viewership is more important than merchandising though it’s also important to increase money for future projects
  • Make the sentai/rider movies on direct to video movie only or skip it for a while to save budget for future projects
  • Let the studio do the theme and plot only on future rider/ sentai shows while the toy company then do the toy merchandising revolve around it.
  • Have the shows toy merchandise be released after two days after the rider /sentai shows premiered.
  • Get more experienced young actors to play the role of rider/sentai heroes.
  • Give more time to improve the plot of the rider/sentai series by giving the shows a few week hiatus or give the production crew more free time to improve the plot.
  • Focus more on viewership and ratings than merchandising though they need to balanced like yin and yang
  • And finally Air on Saturday evening time slots instead to bring more viewers and have both new rider and sentai shows premiere at the same time on February like back in the early 2000’s

If someone work at toei or bandai reads this one mention it they will try to improve the production and save both franchises reputation and extinction,If not then it's best they will end both franchise and give them a 'long rest' until many years later when they will be revived again for a reason.While Bandai and toei will make a original tokusatsu series revolving around their toy with a 'brand name' like the Tomica Hero Series

And an additional note here are the other optional things that should be needed for both sentai and riders franchise

For Kamen rider:

  • Have a rider season with a single rider only no secondary or multi riders rider like characters included but don't name them as kamen riders let the single main rider have it.
  • Revive the concept of “Rider man” (the kamen rider with no mouthpiece) as secondary rider but let him have mouthpiece when he gets super form.
  • Give end credits to rider show similar like how sentai did
  • Perhaps have a transformation montage included like sentai did
  • Bring the franchise back to its cyborg roots like the showa era but in its modern elements such as nanobots for example.
  • Have a passing the torch/hand off segment just like the end of the every current sentai shows where a past red sentai member wishes the new red sentai member good luck however instead of the red sentai heroes it should be the main riders instead if its used in the kamen rider series.

For Super sentai (the only thing):

  • Have a future sentai series where the sentai heroes will have no mouthpiece and have them look like riderman and voicelugger especially the anime series gatchaman.

And a little special thing for both franchise that will thrill the audience A crossover anime special starring the first heroes of the franchise the showa riders (from 1 (ichigo) to stronger) and the gorangers called Kamen rider X Goranger superhero anime UNITE! (仮面ライダーxゴレンジャー スーパーヒーローのキャラクターの団結!)


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