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So Hulu just came out at anti-binge watching eh? Turns out, the streaming giant is releasing its original content on a weekly basis, forgoing the unsavory enabling methods of rivals like Netflix and Amazon. We'll see if that's to pay off when those shows either gain longevity or not. But for now, how dare they have our best interests at heart? Watching more than is good for us is exactly what this culture of streaming is about, and I'm here to play in to all that with another round up of the new releases of everything on Amazon and Hulu in August 2015! For the last round-up on MoviePilot, click right here!

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has been quiet with the new original content recently, but is testing the waters with the new Bryan Cranston-produced crime thriller, Sneaky Pete. Let's take a look at that and a few other things available to stream this month!

Sneaky Pete

I'd wager a few have wondered if Giovanni Ribisi could carry a show by himself, and the upcoming Sneaky Pete seems to be proof of that. At first this seems your standard fare of stolen identity and stranger with an ulterior motive, but it morphs into somewhat of a swindling caper, with Bryan Cranston as a potential villain. The pilot is available to stream right now, so vote for the show if you'd like it to stick around!

A Most Violent Year

This could be seen as Oscar Isaac's last dramatic outing before he started being in some of the biggest projects ever. People don't remember A Most Violent Year that well when you're the sigil of Star Wars! Still, if you want a refined crime thriller with shades of History of Violence, The Godfather, and The Iceman, this is for you! A career defining performance against type from Jessica Chastain sure doesn't hurt either.

If I Stay (August 15th)

Chloe Moretz in If I Stay
Chloe Moretz in If I Stay

Can you stand twee? If you can't stand twee, then I must demand you stop reading this section right away, because oh boy does If I Stay dive right into the honest teen sentimentality. Are you ready to know how twee it is? Just read this aside quote!

It's so twee! I can't escape from the twee earnestness! It's overpowering, but if Chloe Grace Moretz finding her first love and having it torn away by literary grade tragedy and swelling music is your idea of movie sentimentality, I gotta recommend If I Stay. The movie, adapted from the best-selling novel, is likely geared more towards the teen girl market due to the sheer schmaltz it's willing to throw around.

Sharkboy and Lavagirl (August 20th)

Sharkboy and Lavagirl is what happens when a filmmaker is so comfortable with his career and artistry, that he's willing to let one of his children co-write his latest movie. From Robert Rodriguez, the man who brought us From Dusk Till Dawn and the unironically fantastic Spy Kids trilogy (yes trilogy!) comes this confused CGI mess. I say that with utmost affection, for your seven-year old is bound to love this. There's even a part where a young Taylor Lautner tries to sing the audience to sleep for some reason. So that's awkward.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (28th)


As I've mentioned before, we're all too keen to let hatred for Michael Bay projects get out of hand. I'm not sure any movie had more audience hostility thrown towards its production than the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Such was the vitriol the internet threw at this Michael Bay-produced reboot that no one knew how to feel when it came out and... wasn't that bad. Sure it was pretty flawed, but there's the makings of something that can be actually enjoyed by, y'know... what are they called? Children!

New Releases on Hulu in August 2015!

Hulu is getting a little stranger with the lineup this week. Where Amazon is going with the big must watches, Hulu is fighting the good fight with more weird, interesting and challenging titles out this month. So naturally, let's start with one of the biggest British exports to American television in history!

Doctor Who Season 8

Doctor Who Season 8
Doctor Who Season 8

As someone who's been watching since the 2005 reboot, Doctor Who Season 8 was a strange experience for me! The tyrannical show running of Steven Moffat seemed to be finally waning, with the show focusing more on characters than big convoluted doomsday twists! That's a good sign, and although Season 8 wasn't the cleanest start to Peter Capaldi's turn as the Doctor, I'm keen to see where this series goes!


At first, Fargo seemed like a cheap effort to cash in on the trend of 90s movies being adapted for TV, but in the light of similar projects that suffered a crueler fate, Fargo was a resounding success! With Season 2 coming this October, I'm glad the show has gotten over really wanting to be Breaking Bad. Still, check out the first season on Hulu to catch up with a show you don't even need to catch up with!



Where to begin with Daisies? If you want to play into someone's conceptions of what European art cinema is like, you show them Daisies, but that's not to write the movie off, at least if you're not a total luddite. This challenging and bizarre 1966 art film from Věra Chytilová sees two teenage girls spend a day playing pranks. That's basically it. Sure it exposes the anxieties of social shift and being stuck behind the iron curtain, and was banned by Czech authorities upon its release, but hey it's just girls hanging out.


This gorgeous bout of satirical body horror from Brandon Cronenberg (son of David) posits a world people pay to be infected with diseases drawn straight from celebrities. At first, that premise seems like a neat drunken chat, but Brandon, as his father seemed to teach him well, is willing to take the movie to dark and disturbing places. Don't believe me? Just watch this fantastic trailer above!

That's all for this week! Which streaming site do you think has the better lineup in August 2015? Let us know with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in our poll, and of course, by leaving a comment below!


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