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Gravity Falls does love to keep us on our toes, and next episode is no different! Though S02E14, The Stanchurian Candidate, hasn't aired yet, there have been many hints as to the outcome of the episode, and the consequences of who wins the election will change the fate of the Pines family forever.

Will Grunkle Stan fullfill a secret prophecy and die after he wins the election? Or could Gideon return to Gravity Falls after his father Bud Gleeful becomes Mayor? Put on your code cracking goggles and join us as we examine the most likely predictions but beware: there are spoilers ahead!

Yes We Stan!

As the synopsis and teaser trailer revealed, Stan will indeed run for mayor of Gravity Falls in S02E14.

If I run for mayor, will I also get pancakes??
If I run for mayor, will I also get pancakes??

Of course we're all hoping that Stan will win the election: though he's a bit of a wheeler dealer, he's got a shrewd mind and cares about the town. And he's certainly better than the alternative!

We know that Stan will run against Bud Gleeful, thanks to a code from the recent book Dipper and Mabel's Guide To Non-Stop Fun! The code reads "Bud Gleeful wants to run for mayor." This didn't mean much when the book was released: many of the codes contain little fun facts about the characters (like how Mabel meows herself back to sleep, and Soos writes fanfiction about Stan). But now we know this isn't a fun little tidbit about a goofy character, and with Gideon itching to escape from jail and destroy the Pines family, the prospect of Bud becoming mayor is far darker than we thought!

So obviously, we would rather Stan win the election... or would we? The book also revealed an ominous hint about the fate of Gravity Falls' mayor, and with lots of foreshadowing about Stan's death, winning the election may be a short lived victory!

"The Mayor of Gravity Falls is not long for this world."

Now, this could mean several things. Firstly, it could mean whoever wins the election will die, and with effigies and incarnations of Grunkle Stan frequently being destroyed (and usually in a fiery mess), some dark fate is definitely in store for Stan! Or, more optimistically, the prophecy might not allude to death, but rather a departure from THIS world. Gravity Falls exists in just one world out of a confirmed multiverse after all. Could we see Grunkle Stan travel to other dimensions after he wins the election?

Our venerable mayor
Our venerable mayor

Of course, the prophecy might also refer to the current Mayor Befufflefumpter: elderly and wheelchair bound, he said that he was "waiting for the Grim Reaper" in recent episode Northwest Mansion Mystery. This would make a lot of sense, as his death would prompt elections for a new mayor. Phew! But let's not celebrate Stan's safety just yet - he may not win the election! And if he doesn't, there's a storm coming to Gravity Falls... A tiny, liberally hairsprayed storm...

Gideon's Revenge

This is certainly what's in store for the Pines family if Bud Gleeful wins the election in S02E14: why else would the mild mannered man want to become mayor of the town but to release his evil son from prison?

Not resting easy
Not resting easy

Thanks to a letter Gideon wrote to Mabel from jail, also featured in the book Dipper and Mabel's Guide To Non-Stop Fun, we know he hasn't been twiddling his thumbs while he's locked away. The letter, which you can read here, contains multiple threats of vengeance against the Pines family, as well as a code which says...

"Help me escape, or be destroyed!"

What nefarious plans could Gideon have in store for Dipper and Mabel? We may actually have some hints about this from Gideon's other letters to the twins. A book club with Bill Cipher, gifts of sweat and hair, and soap sculpted voodoo dolls: Gideon's imagination can't be quashed by a stint in the Big House! You can check out all his letters so far in the video below.

Now that the Author has finally returned to Gravity Falls, you better believe Gideon won't rest until he's discovered Stanford's secrets, and stolen all three journals. His return could also uncover the mystery of Bill Cipher, and reveal Stanford's own history with the triangle trickster! Suffice to say, if Bud Gleeful wins the election, there are dark times ahead for the Pines family. Let's hope Stan wins!

Tune in to find out who will be the next mayor of Gravity Falls: S02E14 The Stanchurian Candidate airs on August 24th!


Who do you think should win the election?


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