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Like many others out there, I am a huge nerd. I live and breath all things nerdy! We all have a daily routine, concerning whatever facet of nerdom that we associate with, that we go through to gather our news and information. I want to help shed some light on the sources I look at daily, as well as let you understand what it is I do to everyday in order to stay up-to-date with all of my nerdy interests.


Being the enormous comic fanatic that I am, I love reading about not only comic book movies but comics themselves. This site has a great variety of entertainment news, but always remains centered on the realm of comics. Along with my passion for comic books, I love all things movies. This website gives me a comprehensive look into the daily news surrounding comic book movies, whether it be casting, production, or filming. They have great scoops if you're interested in news, but I love their knowledgeable approach to all comic book properties the most.

4. Screen Junkies

Screen Junkies is all about entertainment for me. They are the home of the amazing Honest Trailers and the geek-tastic Movie Fights. What earns Screen Junkies a spot on my list is their nerd credibility. The team over at Screen Junkies is an eclectic group of nerds. You can meet every type of nerd there is just by tuning into their channel. Their videos always make me feel right at home with my people. My favorite segment is Movie Fights where they have on amazing guests like Marc Andreyko, Mike Carlson, Alicia Malone, Alison Haislip, and other reputable nerds. Even greater than the awesome guests are the the nerd topics they argue. They do what all of us do in the comments of articles, but in a structured, point-based way. The contestants get to battle about the best geek topics on the internet, and I think every nerd would kill for a chance to win a contest based on their arbitrary nerd views!


What I love most about this site, other than the fact that I'm given the opportunity to write articles like this, is the community involvement. I have never seen a site that has such a comprehensive community management team that encourages and nourishes new creators like Moviepilot. This site allows me to connect with others who are nerds, geeks, critics, and film buffs. Unfortunately for many of us, we feel like outsiders for our interests in our everyday lives, but Moviepilot allows us to be as openly geeky as we want and not only does the community welcome us all with open arms, but the staff as well. I might not get my news from Moviepilot, but I definitely get the satisfaction of connecting with like-minded individuals. I can't begin to even explain the importance of a space as unique as this one, and I encourage everyone to get more involved!

2. Schmoes Know

The Schmoes are the inspiration for my writing. I have always been a nerd and interested in film, but I didn't always feel compelled to express my views and ideas in the form of a blog or podcast. After becoming a member of Schmoeville, I saw how much fun it could be to talk movies with your friends in an online setting. I also loved how laid back each episode of their podcast was. I began to really embrace their every-man mentality. Beyond this, their episodic podcast is a hilarious combination of insanity, drinking, and geeking out. The Schmoes will continue to be a linchpin in my daily nerd routine, and I recommend them for anyone who loves a relaxed tone when discussing all things nerdy.

1. Collider Movie Talk

A very short time ago, Collider Movie Talk was known as AMC Movie Talk. Due to some logistical rearrangements and contractual negotiations, the Movie Talk crew ended up migrating to Collider. I must say, they Collider Movie Talk team, led by John Campea, is the best news/review/insight team on the internet. They are the most well-rounded group of individuals who constantly give you the straight-up facts. John Campea has an unwavering sense of integrity and it helps keep the whole team focused, honest, and grounded. I can always rely on them to give me their honest opinions and reliable news stories. Furthermore, they have a bunch of specific shows like Jedi Council, Heroes, and Indie. Their daily show has been the mainstay of my daily nerd routine for over 2 years now, and I will continue to keep them at the forefront of my nerd-based routine.

There you have it fellow nerds! These are the top 5 places to go in order to get all things nerd related everyday! I hope I was able to give you some new channels and sites to check out and possibly add to your daily routine.



Let me know, where do you go to get your nerd fix?


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