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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Following the insanely awesome news that horror maestro James Wan will be directing the Mortal Kombat reboot movie, thousands of fans have been tantalized by the exciting prospect.

I mean, just HOW MUCH did you love the original?

Despite remakes often being unpopular, Mortal Kombat is such a wide-ranging series with a whole bunch of cool games and characters to draw from, meaning that the possibility for an entire franchise reboot is new and thrilling rather than repetitious.

Check out some wishful-thinking fan casting for the Mortal Kombat reboot!

Liu Kang - Godfrey Gao

Screen Appearances: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Why It Works: As Magnus Bane, Gao showed he can pull off an action role with a fantasy edge. Picture him with long hair - he'd be perfect for Liu Kang!

Shang Tsung - Donnie Yen

Screen Appearances: The Monkey King, Kung Fu Jungle

Why It Works: Donnie is a lethal Martial Arts specialist and action movie legend. It'd be great to see him show off his Wing Chun moves as Shang Tsung!

Kano - Jason Statham

Screen Appearances: The Transporter, Furious 7

Why It Works: He makes a great bad guy in Furious 7, which even saw him take on Dwayne Johnson in a fight - so we know that he can handle himself!

Sonya Blade - Leven Rambin

Screen Appearances: The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Why It Works: She's proved her action chops as vicious District 1 tribute Glimmer in The Hunger Games so she's ready to fight!

Johnny Cage - Armie Hammer

Screen Appearances: The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Social Network

Why It Works: He's a clean-cut, good-looking guy capable of a hint of cheesiness - just like Johnny Cage himself!

Raiden / Rayden - Gary Daniels

Screen Appearances: Tekken, The Expendables

Why It Works: He's a former World Light-Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion, so he is definitely suited to an ass-kicking role!

Kitana - Nan Yu

Screen Appearances: Speed Racer, The Expendables 2

Why It Works: She's beautiful and strong and she's got a firm resume in beating the crap out of people (on-screen, of course).

Scorpion - Matt Mullins

Screen Appearances: Divergent, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Why It Works: Interestingly enough, he actually played Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat: Rebirth - a role he'd be suited to again. There's also the small matter of him being a five-time Martial Arts world champion...

Reptile - Freddy Stroma

Screen Appearances: Pitch Perfect, After the Dark

Why It Works: You may remember Freddy as Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter, so this is a young man who can handle the pressures of big franchise acting.

Jax - Michael Jai White

Screen Appearances: Mortal Kombat: Legacy

Why It Works: White has played Jax for a long time in the fan fave web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy, so he's a natural choice for the muscled badass.

Sub Zero - Tom Hardy

Screen Appearances: The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max: Fury Road

Why It Works: Tom Hardy has something of a reputation for looking intimidating in a mask...


How freakin' COOL is the Mortal Kombat movie gonna be?

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