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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The trailer for Austrian horror movie Goodnight Mommy has burned through the internet, causing a thousand nightmares along the way. It's being touted as the scariest trailer ever made... but what do you think?

Is this really the scariest trailer ever made? It's certainly nicely creepy, getting under your skin and creating more questions than it answers.

For a bit of context, check out some other trailers that have caused a huge amount of hype - before Goodnight Mommy knocked them off the top spot of 'scariest trailer ever' in the opinion of the internet hivemind...

The Babadook

Year of Release: 2014

Helped by a near-genius marketing campaign (you can actually buy the Babadook book seen in the movie) this smart little Antipodean movie gained some richly deserved hype.


Did you find The Babadook scary?

It Follows

Year of Release: 2015

An incredibly effective soundtrack and some understated visuals brought a clever little idea to life. It Follows became the low-budget horror smash of the year.


Did you find It Follows scary?


Year of Release: 2012

This Blumhouse production certainly divided opinions; some swear Sinister is the creepiest movie they've ever seen, others find it totally over-the-top. Where do you stand?


Did you find Sinister scary?

The Devil Inside

Year of Release: 2012

Whether it's really the scariest trailer ever made or not, this movie certainly made bank. In terms of return on investment, The Devil Inside is the highest earning movie of the last five years!


Did you find The Devil Inside scary?

Still, if you are more of a classic horror fan, chances are there'll be no beating this utterly horrifying trailer for your Scariest Ever Trailer top spot...


Do you think that the trailer for Goodnight Mommy is the freakiest one ever made?

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