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Before Kylo Ren has even swung his ridiculous lightsaber, before Han and Chewie return home, and before the Force finally Awakens, all manners of incredible fan made content have spilled all over the web; from fan art to parody trailers and much, much more.

But, in my honest opinion, I think one team of Star Wars superfans has stepped up their homage game to infinite levels and is creating and selling variations on Kylo Ren's aforementioned cross-guard lightsaber, and many more! And, man... they are utterly stunning.

Coming straight outta Portland, Oregon, Saberforge is proud enough to boast itself as the maker of "the brightest and most affordable high end custom sabers on the market," for all of your cosplay/bragging/ultimate Christmas present needs.


Ranging from $49 all the way up to $534 - the more expensive ones are super classy and jam packed with hi-tech goods - imagine how boss you'll look whipping one of these bad boys out from under your robe at The Force Awakens red carpet extravaganza!

Go on, have a look:

RELIC V2 Crossguard Saber

Saberforge's crossguard sabers come in a varied array of versions, with each having 3 different tiers of badassery.

The most pricey one ($534) comes with a soundboard that replicates authentic lightsaber sounds, LEDs, a standard CNC machined 6061 saber handle and smart charger.

I mean, look at it...

It truly is a thing of beauty.

Not bad for a replica, huh?

Star Raves

Saberforge's sabers are fully customizable, and come in a veritable rainbow of colors. Ranging from:



and my personal favorite...


Amidst many, many more.

So if you like what you see, get over to Saberforge's Etsy page and get your hands on what are possibly the coolest lightsaber replicas I've ever seen. I'm sure they'll be delivered in just a few parsecs...

(Source: Saberforge/Etsy)


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