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As Disney fans, we are constantly learning fascinating new facts about the all expansive universe and, just when we think we know everything, some new information always emerges to satisfy out curiosity.

Below is a collection of 10 awesome Disney facts that I stumbled across recently that surprised me, and I hope some of them are new to you guys, too!

10. A hyena researcher sued Disney studios for defamation of the species' character

The overtly negative portrayal of hyenas in The Lion King rubbed many conservationists working with the African pack animals the wrong way. One researcher sued Disney and another scientist, who allowed the animators into the University of California's Field Station for Behavioral Research to draw real hyenas, ended up putting out a call to boycott the movie for the sake of hyena conservation.

9. Tangled is the fourth most expensive film ever made

Tangled cost more money to make than Avatar, probably because it took 14 years to make it! During the long development, computer technology changed so much that the entire movie had to reworked to give the directors the luscious look that they set out to deliver.

8. Russell from UP is based on Peter Sohn, a Pixar animator

When you see them side-by-side, it's easy to see the resemblance!

7. Disney created several '80s style arcade games to market Wreck-it-Ralph

And, you could own one if you happen to have around $20,000 knocking about.

6. WALL-E is named after Walt E. Disney

5. The ship which portrayed The Black Pearl in Pirates of the Caribbean sank during Hurricane Sandy, off North Carolina

The iconic ship sunk off the shore of St. Lucia in 2014 while en route to be repaired.

4. Daveigh Chase, the voice of Lilo in Lilo and Stitch, also played the terrifying little girl in The Ring

3. Boo's real name is Mary

And, it totally suits her!

2. The Atlantean language from Atlantis: The Lost Empire was invented by Marc Okrand, who also invented Klingon and Vulcan

1. Pocahontas originally had a talking turkey named Redfeather who was going to be to be voiced by John Candy

Unfortunately, Candy died before he could take on the role and the character was totally removed from the movie.

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