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With the countdown on until Season 6 of The Walking Dead and the Season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead premier, AMC is running a Walking Dead marathon each weekend for fans to catch up. It was while rewatching Season 2 that Redditor Nowtherearetwo noticed one amazing piece of foreshadowing.

Season 2 of The Walking Dead started with Rick and the group leaving Atlanta and heading toward Fort Benning. Unfortunately, while trying to deal with a traffic snarl on the highway, a walker horde approached the group and in the chaos Carol's daughter Sophia was chased into the woods. After losing Sophia, the group made camp to try and find her, though soon after that Carl was shot by Otis and the group moved to Hershel's farm where we met the Greene family.

Rick tells Sophia to wait
Rick tells Sophia to wait

While waiting for Carl to recover from being shot, the group - particularly Daryl - go out looking for any sign of Sophia. Sadly, they never found a trace of her until it was revealed in Episode 8 that Otis had found her after she'd been bitten by a walker and locked the zombie-fied little girl in the Greene family barn. Sad times.

But while we know all about Sophia's fate now, it was a small, subtle reference in a scene with Daryl and Andrea in Season 2, Episode 3 (five episodes before we see Sophia in the barn) that caught Nowtherearetwo's eye. Take a look:

Daryl and Andrea Season 2, Episode 3
Daryl and Andrea Season 2, Episode 3

And where was it that Sophia was found, again?

Oh shit, that's right.

This scene in Episode 3 with Daryl and Andrea was intercut with scenes between Shane and Otis. Shane and Otis were on a mission to get supplies for a sick Carl; however, after both injured themselves Shane shot Otis in the leg to use him as live bait for the walkers so he could get away. So, what makes the Daryl/Andrea scene even more interesting is that the only person who could have known of Sophia's whereabouts was Otis, who was killed by Shane before he even would have known the group was looking for a little girl.

Mind = blown! The Walking Dead certainly gets smarter and smarter each season with brilliant foreshadowing and references, but this small scene from early Season 2 proves they've been doing it pretty much since day one! I can't wait to see what trickiness Season 6 brings.

The Walking Dead Season 6 premiers on October 11th and Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 debuts on August 23rd, both on AMC.

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