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Gaming has gone through dozens of generations of consoles. One of the most prolific and game-changing eras was that of the Xbox 360 and PS3. Out of the thousands and thousands of hours I've spent gaming, I've spent most of my time playing video games on my trusty XBOX 360. The 360 was home to some of the best games in history and gave us countless hours of enjoyment. Let's sign-in and take a look at 10 definitive XBOX 360 games!

10. Skate 3

I've been skateboarding for almost 16 years now, so I was pumped to find a game as amazing as this one. For all of the insane, physics-defying stunts you can do in Skate 3, it is actually the most realistic interpretation of skateboarding in a video game. I loved how they incorporated the analog sticks with the foot placement and movement to perform the tricks. It made performing them so much more organic and self explanatory. As a skateboarder, I knew exactly how I would have to align my feet and move them in order to do a kickflip or even a laserflip. Skate 3 was so great as a controller passing game as well. My friends and I would play for 10 hours straight just passing the controller each time the other fell. When we got really good at the game, we would pass every 20 minutes because neither of us would fall. We were always clamoring to get the controller so that we could do a trick that the other hadn't thought of yet. It's a game that I still love playing despite the hundreds of hours I've already spent playing.

9. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

CoD 4 was the Call of Duty that changed the whole franchise. It transformed a standard first-person shooter franchise into the biggest gaming franchise ever brought to console. For many, CoD 4 is the best CoD out there. I don't necessarily share that sentiment, but it is definitely the grandfather of all the subsequent games. Without it, we would not have the other awesome CoD games that we have today. This game was so good, it changed my entire perspective on the franchise with one match of multiplayer. I was, at the time, a Halo fanboy, and couldn't be bothered by the meek Call of Duty games that didn't do anything as well as Halo had been doing. My best friend then handed me the controller and told me to play a round. I proceeded to smash on everyone in the match and got an 11 kill-streak right off the bat. I finished the round with a high K/D ratio and a lot of XP. I was hooked, and immediately shut my mouth about this franchise not being as good as Halo.

8. Bioshock Infinite

This was actually the first installment that I played in the Bioshock franchise. I later went through the other two, but I found that Infinite is just something so special. Its bright colors and settings just set it so far apart from the other two. More than anything, the story had me enthralled from the moment I put the game in. I played through the entire game in two days (I had to go to class so I couldn't go through all the way uninterrupted). I played with a friend and my girlfriend as onlookers, and we were all glued to the screen to see what would happen next. It was like playing a movie, and that movie was one of the best we'd ever seen. The gameplay itself was just phenomenal, and the character movement did not feel as heavy and burdened as the previous two games in the series. The Skyhook really helped set the movement and speed apart from the other two games. Along with the movement, the setting of Columbia, the floating city, was a beautiful place to have such horrible acts take place. It was a great dichotomy that made the game even more compelling.

7. Grand Theft Auto IV

Even though GTA V came out on 360, GTA IV was the GTA of this gaming console era and gave me so many hours of enjoyment. I remember just driving around with cheats on every night instead of sleeping. I couldn't get enough of this game. There were always things to do, find, and shoot. Plus, this game gave us some hilarious bits of dialogue.

Cousin Niko! Want to go bowling?

For me, what also made GTA IV special was the sense of passing the torch from San Andreas on PS2 to GTA IV on 360. It felt like a nice progression because before I'd played San Andreas on my brothers' consoles, now I owned my own console and my own GTA to play and have fun with. On top of all of this, this game had some awesome DLC! The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned were phenomenal in expanding the already huge game and delivered characters we fell in love with. More often than not, DLC can be passable garbage, but GTA IV just doesn't feel complete without it.

6. Minecraft

Minecraft had a huge following on PC when it was released on 360. However, what helped Minecraft explode into the modern day hit that it is now was its release on XBOX 360. It helped the game reach even more people and allowed for just as much fun! I played two-player split-screen and sometimes even three-player split-screen for countless hours. I remember one time, my parents were out of town for a weekend, and my best friend and I proceeded to play the game with the curtains closed for the entire weekend without leaving the apartment. We didn't even know when it was day-time or night-time. We just played to no end. The world we created was amazing! We even had resource wars! This game has helped expand the XBOX brand and will now be the first game available for the Hololense for XBOX One thanks to its success on 360. The enjoyment that Minecraft on 360 has given me is irreplaceable, and the success it has brought Microsoft is amazing to say the least.

5. Batman Arkham City

I am a Batman fanatic. I don't personally know anyone that is as crazy about Batman as myself. The excitement that I had for this game after the success of Arkham Asylum was through the roof. Needless to say, my expectations were far surpassed beyond what I had ever thought was possible for a Batman video game. Arkham City gave us one of the best Batman stories ever told, and you could experience it first hand as you played! This game was so immersive that I felt myself on the edge of my seat for the entire story. I was yelling at my screen and flinching when something would happen to Batman. I played through this game countless times and loved every second of the time I spent with it. Arkham City not only defined what a good comic book video game should be, but it helped further cement 360 as the home for great games and graphics.

4. Skyrim

Who hasn't spent an inordinate amount of time playing this enormous game? Much like Minecraft, Skyrim made it's presence known on PC first, but became legendary when it was ported to 360. The 360 was actually able to handle the graphics and the huge map fairly well. I know that there were hundreds of texture packs released on PC, but I was fine with what the 360 was able to do. I also loved being able to pop this in my 360 without having to fire up my PC. I must have played through this game at least 6 times completely. There is just so much to do and see in this game it's kind of ridiculous. Skyrim was a staple of nerd conversation for years, and still continues to be. I will always love Tamriel!

3. Fallout 3

Before there was Skyrim, there was Fallout 3. Fallout 3 changed how I felt about RPGs entirely. Originally, I was not that into them and I felt intimidated by the large amount of work and time required to play them. However, once my best friend really encouraged me to get into it, I was hooked; I was really hooked. Like most people, I was enthralled, to an admittedly unhealthy degree, with all of the things this game had to offer. After playing this game, Fallout has become my second favorite video game franchise of all time. I love this game more than I probably should, but I just have so much time invested in this game! The 360 made this game into the hit that it was always meant to be, and made this previously PC franchise accessible to the massive audience that was playing 360 at the time. This game also came out when the 360 was at its peak, helping make the console even more of a powerhouse than it already was at the time.

2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

After the massive success of CoD 4, Modern Warfare 2 upped the ante and became a legendary game. This is still my favorite Call of Duty to date and I still play it regularly. From quick-scoping, the maps, n00btubes, 420-related jokes, yelling 12 year-olds, akimbo weapons, throwing knives, ranting, and the game types, this game had everything and more. Along with the number one spot on this list, MW2 defined what gaming was on the 360. This game helped spawn a whole cultural, gaming movement and helped entertain audiences of all ages, even though it was rated M 17+. I remember having my team of nerds from school who would all play with me. We would play Search & Destroy and trash talk everyone we met. There wasn't anyone that could beat us when we would play! Those matches are some of the fondest memories I have playing any video game.

1. Halo 3

When talking about the XBOX 360, Halo 3 is the game. There is no game that defined the 360 era as much as Halo 3 did. This game was so good that it was not only the staple for this console, but it was the longest running game used competitively for MLG (Major League Gaming). Along with its multiplayer prowess, Halo 3 gave us the greatest story in the Halo franchise and one of the greatest journeys of any protagonists in gaming. So many people recognize and connect with Master Chief and Cortana. Windows 10 even created an AI to compete with Apple's Siri and named it Cortana! I remember playing Lone Wolves, Team SWAT, Oddball, Shotty Snipes, Fatboy, and so many other game-types with friends. Halo 3 was my first love in gaming and will always hold a special spot in my heart. This is by far the greatest AAA game that was ever released on 360.

There it is my fellow nerds. Now I know there are a lot of notable games that I didn't have on my list. This is my list and I know we all have different opinions and interests when it comes to gaming, however, I am interested in knowing your favorite 360 game! Tell me what it is below! Thanks for reading!


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