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With Jessica Jones looming on the horizon, and fans still reeling from the rollercoaster ride of Daredevil season 1, all eyes are on Netflix as they build up to their eventual Defenders show. Although Iron Fist, the fourth member of the hero team, is still conspicuously not cast, plot hints from Daredevil season 1 reveal we may be seeing Danny Rand sooner than you'd expect!

The first season of Daredevil is riddled with plot hints and easter eggs, not to mention unanswered questions and mysteries we still haven't solved. One of the most intriguing plot tidbits comes in the form of Black Sky: could this be an Iron Fist villain? And how can Elektra tie all of this together?

Demon or Inhuman: Who Is Black Sky?

Just in case you haven't started your rewatch yet, Black Sky was the mysterious child in episode 7 that we assumed was some kind of biological bomb, until it was revealed that the ominous weapon everyone was so scared of was actually a small boy.

Deadly weapon or innocent victim?
Deadly weapon or innocent victim?

Matt immediately struggled with his mentor's command to kill the child, and though he tried to defend Black Sky, Stick managed to murder the boy himself. Probably one of the show's darkest moments, this plot was dropped very quickly, and after Nobu was killed by Daredevil, it seemed like the mystery would die with him.

However, with season 2 ready to bring in The Hand as a major antagonist, we could finally get some answers about Black Sky!

Hold up, what's The Hand?

Episode 7 was the point where the show paused its gritty street fighter vibe in favour of vicious ninja fights. The Hand is a red-clad ninja cult, which is opposed by Stick's organisation, The Chaste. Bringing Stick in to prevent Nobu's gang from getting their hands on Black Sky suggested that Nobu was part of The Hand, and episode 9 only made this more likely when he turned up to fight Matt, ninja style, dressed all in red...

Nobu goes ninja
Nobu goes ninja

Look familiar? It should, the red uniform and use of blades is the trademark of another mysterious ninja... Elektra!

With his death, it would be easy to assume that this is the last we'll see of The Hand, but Elektra's confirmed role in season 2 suggests that episodes 7 and 9 were just building up to a larger plot, using The Hand as the main antagonist for season 2. Although she ends up as Matt's ally, Elektra has a lot of history with The Hand, and might still be working for them. It's possible that she comes to Hell's Kitchen to find out what happened to Nobu, or to track down Black Sky.

Ok, but what does this have to do with Iron Fist?

Iron Fist's story is definitely quite different from the realism we've got used to in Daredevil. His powers are based in mysticism, mythology, and magic, which is a departure from the grounded and mature nature of Netflix's Marvel shows. This is presumably why Netflix are having trouble getting the Iron Fist show off the ground: recent reports have expanded on the idea that the mystical element crucial to the Iron Fist story is why we haven't heard a peep about the fourth Defender.

Yet Daredevil season 1 seems to have debuted not one, but two Iron Fist villains! Fans are theorising that Black Sky is in fact a demon, potentially one that draws from Japanese and Chinese mythology. This could place him (or others like him) as a villain for Iron Fist, or at least lay some track for a more magical show in Daredevil season 2. A more obvious Iron Fist villain has also appeared in Daredevil, symbolically at least...

The enigmatic Steel Serpent
The enigmatic Steel Serpent

This symbol was spotted on a Chinese batch of heroin that Fisk was importing. The brand is named Steel Serpent, which is also the name of one of Iron Fist's most notorious villains. Could we see Iron Fist in Daredevil season 2, ready to take down Steel Serpent?

Cameo or Crossover

With The Punisher and Kingpin confirmed as major players in season 2, it's unlikely that there'll be room for a demon child/Steel Serpent vs Iron Fist plot. However, a cameo is certainly possible. The producers have already stated their intentions for the Defenders solo shows to intersect and crossover, with Rosario Dawson appearing in Jessica Jones, and many more cameos on the horizon for Daredevil season 2. So hopefully the fears for the future of Iron Fist will be short lived, as he teams up with Matt next season!


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