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We love American Horror Story. It's an amazing show and it gives us the chills. American Horror Story: Hotel will premiere on 7th October on FX, but until then we have nothing but a teaser and a promo poster. Thankfully for us, there are people in the world who have made posters for the new season and some of them are quite scary! Let's take a look at 5 fan made American Horror Story: Hotel posters!

5. Black Eyes

Ok, if this doesn't scare you, then I don't know what will! This awesome wallpaper gives me the creeps. I love Lady Gaga's dripping black eyes! Definitely an amazing poster! (Source)

4. ''Honey! Did you take the key?''

Another amazing poster for the Hotel! Love the creepy shadow behind the man and the vintage-looking building! Perfect! (Source)

3. The Hall

Ok, I love this poster because it's a classic poster. Everyone is scared of a dark hall - reminds me of The Shining! (Source)

2. Tied Up

Wow! What a great poster! It sure is terrifying! Lady Gaga tied up with her eyes all white. Well, I didn't want to sleep anyways... (Source)

1. The Hotel

Awesome poster! It shows the Hotel with blood dripping, pure horror. I can't wait for the new season!

Well, sorry if I scared you so much that you wont be able to sleep tonight... but there is a bright side!

American Horror Story: Hotel will premiere on 7th October on FX! Here's the first promo for the amazing new season!


What do you think of these amazing fan made posters?


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