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I absolutely adore Art Nouveau and my personal favorite will always be Alphonse Mucha, with Gustav Klimt coming in at a close second. I have seen quite a few artists trying to recreate their work but Hannah Alexander's work really stands out.

This artist has put her own twist on her Mucha inspired art, combining it with another awesome theme: Disney, and adding a little sprinkling of pin-up on top.

10.) Ariel, The Little Mermaid

' I chose to surround Ariel with Lotus flowers because they represent rebirth'

9.) Jasmine and Rajah, Aladdin

8.) Belle, Beauty and the Beast

'Peach blossom means 'I am your captive' which can apply to alot of things regarding Belle's story. Lupine means 'imagination'

7.) Rapunzel, Tangled

'Oh my goodness, I am in LOVE with this movie. The songs go round and round in my head like a freakin' merry-go-round! (Also, I know her hair is shorter than the original version but I simply couldn't draw 70ft long hair!)

Flowers are: Mallow - sweetness, Camellia - longing, White Heather - wishes come true/protection'

6.) Mulan and Mushu, Mulan

'I like this just 'cause she kinda looks like one of those saints you see on stain-glass windows. I almost didn't put the sword in, but I'm very glad I did now :-)

Flowers and their meanings: Orange Mock - deceit, Orchid - beauty, Snapdragon - strength'

5.) Alice, Alice in Wonderland

Art Deco and manga just formed an awesome fusion

'Flowers - poppies (mean sleep/dreaminess), daisies (mean childish innocence)'

4.) Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

'Flowers are white poppy (means sleep), rhododendron (means caution), calla lily (means regal) and the roses are a nod to the plot of Sleeping Beauty.'

3.) Merida, Brave

'Flowers are day lily (Chinese symbol for mother), ferns (means 'magic'), foxgloves (means 'insincerity') and gladiolus (means 'strength of character').

Her dress defies the laws of physics, but at least it looks nice.'

2.) Elsa, Frozen

Hannah created this before the plot or character design had been released and did a pretty awesome job!

'The flowers are snow drops and the birds are male cardinals. Ironically, snow drops actually herald the beginning of spring.'

1.) Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

'Flowers are: Freesia for innocence, lilies for purity and monkshood (which are poisonous) for caution'

Bonus designs!

I just had to include these stunning designs of how the Disney characters could look re-imagined in the Nouveau style!

Mulan, Belle, and Ariel

Esmeralda, Merida and Snow White

I am in total awe of this artist and am looking forward to seeing what she creates next! Check out more of Hannah Alexander's art over on DeviantArt, Tumblr and you can even buy yourself some prints here!


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