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Board game nights can be incredibly enjoyable. Just bust out the snacks, pour some glasses of wine, and get those board games ready! Everything from Scrabble, to Card Against Humanity, a night in might be even more fun than a night out on the town.

Unless, of course, you've decided to play the horrific game Jumanji. In case you need a reminder of what could happen when you roll the dice, just watch the trailer for the film below:

Lions and rhinos in the house? I don't think so.

Below is a list of seven behind-the-scenes trivia you probably didn't know about the incredibly adventurous film Jumanji.

1. Scarlett Johansson auditioned for the role of Judy Shepherd

Kirsten Dunst was chosen to play the overall-clad girl. It's so adorable that Johansson has had that cute raspy voice since she was little girl.

2. Jonathan Hyde, the actor who plays Van Pelt the poacher, also plays the character of Sam Parrish

Although it has never been specified why, it is thought that perhaps they had the same actor play the two parts as a sort of homage to Peter Pan, in which the parts of Captain Hook and Wendy's father are usually played by the same actor.

3. Jumanji translates to "many effects" in Zulu

They couldn't have chosen a more appropriate title for the game, as there are many "exciting" consequences of the game, if one could call all the frightening stuff that occurs "exciting."

4. The fictional Parrish Shoe painted sign is still in Keene, New Hampshire to this day

What a cool little momento left in honor of the film!

5. Jumanji had an estimated budget of 50 million dollars

Due to its heavy use of what was the newest development in CGI, Jumanji's budget was only five million less than Casper, which came out in the exact same year.

6. This film grossed $262,797,249 worldwide

They definitely earned back their budget and much, much more.

7. The film was based off the 1981 award-winning book Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg

Jumanji won the Caldecott Medal. There is also a sequel to Jumanji called Zathura, which was also adapted into a film in 2005.

I would never wish to play Jumanji in real life. Don't get me wrong. I love animals, and I think they're so adorable, but messing with those wild animals seems like an insanely terrible idea.

However, watching a movie of other people playing the scary game? I'm in!

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