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Between movies like Matilda, Harriet the Spy, and James and the Giant Peach, the '90s were ripe with plenty of fantastic children's book adaptations. And in 1998, we met a live-action version of Ludwig Bemelmans' works about a little red-headed Parisian school girl, Madeline.

In her Catholic boarding school, Madeline was the smallest and youngest of her classmates, but also the smartest and most outgoing. It's no wonder she captured the hearts of readers for generations.

So who could possibly fill the shoes of one of our most beloved children's literary characters? The undeniably adorable Hatty Jones certainly fits the bill!

In case you've forgotten just how cute she was and how totally '90s this movie was (in a good way, that is), check out the film's trailer:

It was little Hatty's first real role, and she nailed it!

After Madeline, Hatty Jones had a few television roles here and there, but her promising young start surprisingly never really took off into a career. Apparently, she was up for the role of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, but she was considered a bit too old to play the 11-year-old witch. As we all know, the role of Hermione went to Emma Watson instead.

So what is Hatty Jones up to 17 years after starring in Madeline? Well, one thing's for sure, she grew up, but even at 27, she's still totally adorable! Here are a few pictures from her Instagram account:

Look at those cheekbones! Can you guys feel my jealousy oozing through the computer screen?

She even looks cute when she's moving. Moving for goodness sake! Most people would buckle under the pressure.

Her awesome throwbacks are enough to make anyone want to eat Pringles with her, talk about life, and be her best friend.

And dammit, she can eat too! Share it or don't, Hatty, you're a total star in my book. I'd split a bowl of guacamole with her anytime she feels the urge to visit Los Angeles.

Hatty Jones has only recently come back to acting and is half of the duo behind the Offstage webseries.

Offstage makes episodes regaling us with the unseen, and less than glamorous, side of being an actor in contemporary London. Their biography on their HeavyWait production page reads:

As young jobbing actors we found ourselves in so many bizarre situations, both personally & professionally, that we had to write them down and share them with people. We hope to expose the reality of an actor’s daily grind; both the painful monotony and sudden joy.

If you want to watch an episode - and you know you do! - check out their video below:

By all accounts (social media, that is) Hatty appears to be doing well! I wish her nothing but the best and hope that we see a comeback from her very soon.

(Source: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter)


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