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Growing up during the 90s was awesome. In addition to having some of the greatest television shows of all time, we also had some of the best commercials. Here are 5 of my favorites.

1. Got Milk?

The very first of the Got Milk? commercials was not only funny but also a lesson in U.S. history. It also taught viewers the importance of having a glass of milk nearby!

2. Budweiser Wassup!

Budweiser has had a lot of great commercials, but the Wassup! ones are some of the funniest and most memorable. The way this group of friends said “Wassup!” as they held their beer made the catchphrase a part of pop culture.

3. Diet Pepsi

“You got the right one baby...uh huh.”

That catchphrase was made famous by the late Ray Charles and his lady singers, and it also made for a cool commercial. There was always a brilliant spin on how it was said as each new entry in the franchise showed.

4. Pepsi Cola

In the 90s, Pepsi outdid itself with its commercials. Not only were the Pepsi Girl commercials cute, they also had a musical component, namely the girl belting out Aretha Franklin. Fun fact: Did you know that the young lady featured in these commercials is Hallie Eisenberg, Jessie Eisenberg’s (a.k.a. Lex Luthor) sister?

5. Miss Cleo

Before her business went down in flames, Miss Cleo reigned supreme on the tube. Her catchphrase “Call me now” remains one of the most well known in all of TV land.

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