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Orange Is the New Black Season 3 is a strange beast isn't it? It introduced some of the weightier themes to the characters we've grown to love, building the entire story up to a crescendo before going "and then they all swam in the lake okay bye!" I'm not even saying that's a bad thing. The lake scene was a beautiful sentiment to end the series on, its' just that there were a number of unfinished stories going on before Norma saw that hole in the fence! I especially don't know how to feel about Alex Vause potentially being dead going into season 4!

I'm certainly not suggesting that Orange is the New Black Season 3 feels unfinished, but rather that there are some pressing questions that need to be answered going into Season 4, and a wealth of dramatic storylines that could be capitalized upon. Here are just a few of the storylines that need following up as we head on into Orange is the New Black Season 4!

Alex and Kubra

Alex's fate was left untended
Alex's fate was left untended

The entire plot line involving Alex ratting out her former drug boss, Kubra, and fearing for her life after he was set free was treated strangely in Season 3. Any fears of hers were brushed off as paranoia by Piper, and Lori Petty was employed as one huge crazy red herring. Then, at the last second, we find that one of Kubra's men sneaked through the lax Litchfield screening process.

Season 4 is either going to start with a fight for Alex's life, or the grim realization that Kubra succeeded in his plan. Any turning back on that kind of huge plot beat would feel cheap, so I hope it's addressed in the next season. We also never found out where she got those scars from at the start of Season 3!

Suzanne's Flashback

What is Suzanne's story?
What is Suzanne's story?

One of the most compelling reasons to stick with Orange is the New Black is the way it humanizes characters just by showing mere seconds of their backstories. Sure, we've seen a couple of Suzanne's flashbacks, mainly outlining her general nature, anxieties, and somewhat privileged background from a white family.

What we still haven't seen is just why she ended up in Litchfield, with so little care being given to her. I'm not demanding that we see the exact crime committed by every inmate. Orange is the New Black isn't concerned with what it's characters did to get behind bars, but Suzanne's reason for being there is one of the biggest questions yet!

Bennett to Return?

One of the biggest shocks of Orange is the New Black Season 3 came early on when Bennett, seemingly out of character, dumped the crib that Cesar gave him at the side of the road, and drove off never to be seen again. It was such a cruel and callous thing to do with the character, and it quite painfully reflects the feeling of abandonment that the real world can sometimes throw at people.

Some fans have speculated that he's crossed the border to Canada to establish some form of identity where he can adopt the baby out of Cesar's reach. If you ask me, that's reaching a little far, and this character isn't returning to the show without some serious ethical fallout!

Piper on the outside

Could we see Piper's downfall?
Could we see Piper's downfall?

Ever since the show began on Netflix, viewers have speculated just what will happen when Piper's sentence is up. It's only supposed to last eighteen months, and the show is soon hitting three years on our screens. Perhaps some kind of behind bars crime will be cooked up as an excuse, or perhaps we could actually see Piper's release in Season 4!

Seeing a post-prison piper in the outside world during the furlough episodes of Season 2 was great fun, so perhaps the show could adopt that tone once more. Given some of the events in Season 3, Piper may have trouble adjusting to the outside. Perhaps we could even see her haunted by her dealings with Kubra, suddenly in danger just as Alex was in Season 2. We will of course have to wait till next year to see what Season 4 brings us.

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Which of these storylines would you like to see completed in Orange is the New Black Season 4?


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