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THAT'S RIGHT KIDDIES OLE Mikey Myers is now all setup for another good old fashioned Hack N Slash fun!

As a longtime fan of this movie franchise it pains me deeply to say if the storyline rumors are true, this could be the worst disaster since that awful Halloween 3 we have all come to know, avoid; and hate.

I am assuming at least the first Halloween has been kept for the purpose of backstory, a good reason for anyone to be convicted and sentenced to death for sure; but this leads to storyline fail #1 people.

Michael Myers was a silent psychopathic killer hell bent on nothing else, he apparently had lost the will or need for speaking; and in any society that is civil in any way this alone would have sent him to the basement of the local fruit farm. Yet the rumor is we will see him sitting on Death Row awaiting execution for his crimes..

Epic fail #2 would be anyone not invited to witness the execution having any chance of gaining access or breaking into the prison to watch, and if anyone could I doubt a group of teenagers would be able to pull that off.

As far as method of his now awaited execution I have not heard how that is supposed to be handled, but unless he was shot numerous times and weakened like any normal person; his capture and them believing he could be so easily killed is preposterous at best.

They said it is a stand alone movie so I am assuming he dies at the end of it which will also turn away true fans.

So tell me again why this film should be made? Quite simply put their already supposed to be filming this one and it already has this many big issues, I do not see this one being any real contender to the upcoming Friday The 13th sequel; and the once more Re-Booted Nightmare On Elm Street which I also believe should be left alone at this point.

It is in my own personal opinion that they should scrap this project now before the damage it will cause occurs, and there will be damage to the franchise believe that; you can only force feed people bad storylines for so long before the charachter loses appeal and fade's forever into obscurity.


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