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The Wonder Woman movie will be presented in 2017. New Wonder Aoman we can see in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. Some critics and movie experts support Gal Gadot as ideal woman for Wonder Woman role.

We have 5 reasons for Gal Gadot as Wonder woman

1.Gal was israeli soldier

2.She is talent acrtress

3.Gadot can play without stunts in movie process

4.She is beautiful women

5.Zack Snyder respect Gal Gadots playing in movie

As for Gadots role in this DC cinematic world, director Zack Snyder described Wonder Woman as the "gateway drug" to the Justice League, who will band together for the first time in theaters in late 2017. Some Geek reports indicate that she may be hundreds of years old, giving her centuries of experience as a warrior in WW movie and Justice League.

Wonder Woman isn’t the first action woman Gadot has played; she also starred as Gisele in three installments of the Fast and the Furious franchise. She’s been passionate about the need for strong women roles in Hollywood, even before she landed Wonder Woman.

I think special visual effects and good editorial working will be important chess and mate for current female superhero movies by Marvel and Fox.

Now we can be sure Gal Gadots Wonder woman will epic and better DC female superhero.We with Gal Gadot


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