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When Despicable Me first came out in 2010 the world was swiftly charmed by the antics of Gru and his girls, but let's be honest, the Minions stole the show. But today, as cute and adorable as the Minions still are, Minion over-saturation is a very real thing in my opinion.

In light of their standalone movie that came out earlier this year the Minion marketing has gone beyond toys and games (where they're more than welcome) and ventured into other realms like food, household goods, beauty products, etc.

For YouTuber Lee Hardcastle this over-saturation has turned to blind hatred and caused the claymation artist to take this anger out on a few clay Minions. Hardcastle recently released a video in which he kills the Minions in various ways that will hopefully help all Minion haters unwind a bit.

Check out Lee Hardcastle's Minion Ways to Die video here:

It looks like Hardcastle had more than a little fun having the Minions fall prey to some of the most classic movie and TV mistakes.

Minion meets Acme

Minion meets DC

Minion meets the Chestburster

Minion meets Ghostbusters trap

Minion meets The Walking Dead

I guess not everyone love the Minions, but their box office earnings clocking in over $300 million suggests they still have the world on their side.

Lee Hardcastle / YouTube
Lee Hardcastle / YouTube

(Source: Lee Hardcastle, YouTube)


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