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(Warning - the following may forever alter the way you see the Star Wars universe...or very much won't...Do or do not, then - there is no try...)

When it comes to cinematic Easter eggs, it's been the Marvel Cinematic Universe that's taken most of the plaudits over the past few years - but that doesn't mean that its title as 'most awesomely Easter-egg-filled franchise of all time' doesn't come complete with some pretty impressive challengers.

One of the most notable, as it happens, is the MCU's Disney stablemate - the ever-more-beloved Star Wars universe. So much so, in fact, that it turns out:

Some of the Star Wars Universe's Easter Eggs Have Utterly Mindblowing Consequences

The awkward thing about Easter eggs is that - funny or out-there as they may be - their existence can't just be ignored as 'just a joke.' Anything that turns up within the running time of a movie is, theoretically, a canonical part of that film's reality...and in Star Wars' case, that can lead to some seriously odd conclusions having to be drawn.

Below are five of the most intriguing...

First up?

5. The Mos Eisley Cantina Is Way More Robophobic Than We Thought

Remember way back in A New Hope, how Threepio and Artoo weren't allowed into the Mos Eisley cantina, what with their being droids and all?

Well, it turns out that not being allowed in was probably the best thing that ever happened to the shiny-headed duo. Take a look at those drink dispensers on the left of that image above. Recognize them at all?

If so, there's a good chance that's because they're identical to the head of one of the galaxy's most infamous bounty hunters, IG-88:

As in - they're literally the same, because the movies' crew reused the original props to create the bounty hunter:

The only problem with that?

It means that what we're seeing in that cantina are the decapitated heads of droids of the same type as IG-88, which've been hollowed out and used as drinks dispensers.

Which, seeing as droids are basically people (albeit enslaved ones) in the Star Wars universe, it must surely count as some kind of hate crime. Either that, or things are way worse for robots than we ever imagined...


4. Clone Troopers Are Fundamentally Broken

Remember that iconic shot in A New Hope, in which a Stormtrooper manages to hit his head on the ceiling while running down a corridor? Y'know, that one, just above?

Well, after the Stormtrooper-incompetence-confirming moment became so beloved by Star Wars fans, it ended up being referenced in Attack of the Clones:

The only problem with that? Well, that's Jango Fett - the man from whom all Stormtroopers were (originally) cloned.

Which means, that clumsiness we just witnessed, separated by decades? There's a pretty good chance it isn't just an amusing nod to fans - but instead a sign that all of those Cloned Stormtroopers' genetic make-up has been tinged by Jango's innate klutziness.

Which...would actually explain a lot.

Next up?

3. Cloud City Is Sponsored by Disney

Now, the Star Wars franchise may now be owned by Disney, but back when The Empire Strikes Back was being filmed, it very much wasn't - and yet Mickey Mouse managed to find his way into the movie anyway.

There, to be precise:

Which, sure, could simply be an oddly-shaped wall contraption - but might also be definitive proof that Walt Disney didn't die after all, but was instead sent back in time to the Star Wars universe, where he's apparently now big in the flying city design business.

That's nothing, though, compared to the fact that:

2. C-3PO Actually IS a God

Now, sure, we all had a good old laugh when C-3PO wound up being treated as though he were a god by all of those Ewoks - but it seems they might have been on to something.

After all, images of C-3PO somehow managed to persist throughout our society beyond the point where everything else about Star Wars' events (a long time ago, remember) had been forgotten.

Otherwise, how do we explain these distinctly Threepio and Artoo-shaped hieroglyphs in this scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark?

In fact, we might actually want to consider toning down our mockery of those Ewoks, just in case Threepio turns out to be one of those vengeful gods you hear so much about...

And, finally, and most disturbing of all?

1. Playboy Exists in the Star Wars Universe

So much so, in fact, that you can (theoretically) see a Playboy centerfold in the very first moments of A New Hope. The reason? When constructing the rebel ship Tantive IV (seen above, failing to escape from a Star Destroyer), one of the model-makers thought it'd be a neat idea to throw a couple of miniature posters onto the walls of the ship's cockpit...

Which (with the one on the left being an original Star Wars poster, and the one on the right a Playboy playmate) means two equally disturbing things:

1. Star Wars exists within the Star Wars universe, meaning the whole saga is basically just the George Lucas version of the end of Inception, blended with a solid dose of Blazing Saddles.

And, perhaps even more mind-bogglingly...

2. Playboy exists in the Star Wars universe, in all its creepy naked glory.

Though presumably the rebels were only reading it for the articles...

What do you think, though?

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