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Step inside (well technically it's outside) to have the trip of a lifetime!

This fan made video shows the TARDIS dematerialising in a new and exciting way. VFX artist behind internet sensation Wholock has returned with something even more exciting.

We usually just see the TARDIS dematerialise away then we go inside the TARDIS with the Doctor. What if that was to change. Here we travel through time from the outside of the TARDIS in this action shot. A whole new perspective. Get an awesome experience from the outside as you get to see the vortex appear around you and the new scene suddenly appear at the other end.

Pretty incredible, huh? Instead of the usual fade away, we take a brand new turn to have the "trip of a lifetime".

The VFX Artist is calling himself "John Smith". Obviously doesn't want to be named. But "John Smith" said this:

"What travelling through time and space might look like from the point of view of the Tardis, from take-off to landing, all in one shot." - "John Smith"

Is "John Smith" about to get a call from Steven Moffat? Come on Moffat, you know you want to.


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