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The Challenge

Our universe is facing a threat the likes of which has never been seen before. The 'powers that be' have released little information, but we know our world is in jeopardy and we must defend it with our lives! Your mission: Put together a fantasy team of your favorite fictional characters and film personalities from any fandom (movies, games or TV shows) or cinematic universe. Create your own team name, choose 1 team captain and 3 'draft picks' to make up your dream team.

My friend Zane Sanders created a fantasy team. I'm going to attempt to create a rival team. I think he created a formidable squad. Led by Professor X, his team included Batman, Squirrel Girl (really?!) and Yoda. My first inclination was to put together a team of villains. Maybe I'll do that some other time. Given the parameters though, here's my team of heroes:

Team Captain: Optimus Prime

"Let's roll out!"
"Let's roll out!"

No, not the Optimus of the horrid Michael Bay films. The Optimus Prime of the cartoon and comics. He's wise, he's powerful, and he knows how to wrangle difficult personalities (Grimlock?). He'd have the gravitas and respect to lead a group of heroes against just about any imaginable threat. Also, let's not forget that he's overcome the little matter of being dead multiple times. This is who I want leading the charge against unspeakable evil.

1st Round Pick: Spider-Man

A good team needs a guiding ethos and there is none better than "With great power comes great responsibility". Peter Parker would carry the burden of saving the world with his trademark wit and humor. The Secret Wars storyline reminds us that Spidey could work in a team of diverse super heroes. Besides his own considerable superpowers, he'd also have his knowledge of science and technology to bring to the table. Spider-Man is who I want on my team when the world is in peril.

2nd round pick: Magneto

This one is a bit of a wild card. While Magneto tends to want to subjugate humanity, he steps up when the entirety of the planet is in danger. To be on the safe side, perhaps it would be best to recruit Age of Apocalypse Magneto. In that storyline, Magneto is firmly on the side of the angels, fighting against Apocalypse, and carrying on the dream of his dead friend Charles Xavier. Magneto brings unparalleled power to this fight. Assuming the threat to the universe isn't made completely of plastic, Magneto would turn the tide of any battle.

3rd Round Pick: Oracle

With all the testosterone on the team, we're gonna need someone to reel the boys in. I debated between Oracle and Storm. While Ororo would bring her amazing abilities to control the weather (along with some diversity!), I felt like we needed a brain behind this operation. The former Batgirl is who I'd want analyzing the danger, offering the guys in the field vital info, and coming up with the winning strategy. She's also not gonna take any shit from these guys. She's stood up to Batman, for crying out loud. She knows how to deal with egos.

There's no supernatural powers on this team, so we might be screwed against a mystical villain, but against run-of-the-mill invaders, I like our odds!


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