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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Following the news that unexpected horror blockbuster smash Ouija is getting a sequel (due October 21, 2016), I started reading about real life cases of Ouija boards playing an unnatural part in crimes. Perhaps these creepy events could serve as inspiration for the highly-anticipated Ouija sequel...

1. David

One summer in the early '80s, Anthony Hall, 25, and his girlfriend Bunny Dixon, 16, hatched a bizarre plan to gain the money they needed to run away across state lines. Telling two friends that a Ouija board had put them in touch with a spirit named David, they convinced them of their dark designs: Murder.

Little 10-year-old 'David' advised upon cold-blooded murder, apparently, a fact that would cost 25-year-old motorist Ngoc Van Dang his life. Hall, Dixon, and their friends tricked him into giving them a ride before binding him and leading him to an area of woodland where they shot him in the head 11 times. Total overkill, and for what? $111 dollars. All four received lengthy prison sentences for their callous crime. Perhaps, somewhere, David is out there, laughing.

2. Evil Must Die

Carol Sue Elvaker had no history of drug or mental health problems when she committed a series of bizarre crimes one night in February, 2001. The one unusual thing about that night was that Elvaker used a Ouija board. She claimed she received a supernatural message, telling her that her son-in-law, Brian Roach, was possessed by evil and had to be destroyed.

Elvaker stabbed him to death in his sleep, leaving him to bleed out when he awoke and cried out. This murderous grandmother then dragged her daughter and granddaughter into her car before steering it dangerously off the road in an attempt to kill them all. The crash resulted in nothing but two broken ankles for Elvaker, who, despite her injuries ran away ranting that the evil spirit from Brian had been transferred into her body. Frenzied, she stripped naked and ran into the woods. She was judged to be insane when the case came to trial; insane... or something more supernatural?

3. Dutiful Daughter

In the winter of 1933, Dorothea Turley and her 15-year-old daughter Mattie played with a Ouija board. A spirit contacted them - or, at least, that is what they believed - telling them to kill Dorothea's husband. Telling her daughter that 'the board could not be denied,' Dorothea persuaded her child to shoot her own father.

He died of his injuries after a long hospital stay, meaning that Dorothea was charged with assault and intent to murder. Young Mattie confessed and was sent to reform school until the age of 18. The rest of the case details are lost to posterity, so we will never know what really occurred on that dark night that ended in tragedy.

4. Family Ties

Gary Gilmore was the kind of man only a mother could love. Sentenced to death for the murder of two men, he awaited execution... but was there a paranormal twist to his story? His mother, Bessie, always maintained that she had made contact with a demon through a Ouija board in her childhood - a demonic spirit that had suckered onto her family.

Bessie's brood certainly had freakishly bad luck; one sister was tragically paralyzed, another killed. Her mother-in-law Fay, a medium, held a seance, sending herself into a frenzy. Bessie awoke to feel an unknown presence touching her, an otherworldly thing lying next to her. At that moment, Fay glided into her room and simply screamed: "It knows who you are."

Gary, then a small child, reported terrible nightmares after this incident. Bessie firmly believed that the demon had possessed her son, causing his streak of violence in adulthood...

5. Dog Days

Paul Carroll was a strange sort of man. He liked to communicate with spirits through a Ouija board - but something went very wrong on Christmas Eve, 2014. Carroll, believing that a malevolent presence had possessed the family dog, drowned the animal, chopped it up and dumped the pieces down a drain.

The week after, Carroll's wife and stepdaughter used the same Ouija board, which they claimed persuaded them to take a large dose of prescription drugs before setting their house ablaze. Fortunately, both women survived, but the Carrolls may not be returning to their old paranormal hobby...

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Have you ever had a creepy experience with a Ouija board?

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