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Hannibal sure is a dark show. By that I don't mean it deals with stories of slipping sanity and morbid godless acts. I mean that I literally can't see it sometimes. Seriously, good luck if you try to watch this on a computer screen in the daytime! Still, the series is headed towards its tragic conclusion whether I'm able to perceive those ridiculously dark sets or not. What's to be expected of Episode 11 of Hannibal Season 3?

Bedelia Du Maurier to play a role?

Dr Du Maurier selling out!
Dr Du Maurier selling out!

I honestly wasn't expecting to see Dr Du Maurier again in Hannibal Season 3. Her function was so fleeting for the sake of sensationalism that I figured she'd been left behind after the florence storyline, and I'm kind of amazed she's lasted this long. Turns out she hasn't just survived her ordeal with Hannibal; she's profiting from it. Now if we wanna talk fleeting, we can always mention Zachary Quinto, who did a fantastic job at ranting about scientology and then chocking out of nowhere

Aside from giving Will Graham a speech that basically channels most of the Hannibal fandom, I'm not entirely sure what could be done with Bedelia Du Maurier in the series finale. Perhaps some choosing of allegiances will have to take place. If not, I'm sure Will Graham would welcome her demise.

Francis Dolarhyde's love life

A beautiful shot from episode 10.
A beautiful shot from episode 10.

Giving Francis Dolarhyde a love interest was an interesting decision, and I feel it goes beyond the mere idea of making a monstrous killer appear flawed and sympathetic. Francis' affection toward Reba seems firmly rooted in his identity as the great red dragon, and it's almost funny to see that this show doesn't discriminate at all in who it's willing to let get sexy.

There have been so many moments of beauty and sweetness surrounding Rutina Wesley, such as the sumptuous and joyous use of color in shots of her hand touching the tiger. This all makes me worried for what's to become of her, for Francis is not just a man on the brink of snapping. He snapped ages ago, and her being with him is the last ounce of humanity he has left.

More Killer to Killer conversation

Francis Dolarhyde's true form... I guess.
Francis Dolarhyde's true form... I guess.

I've always loved the moments that depict Hannibal interacting with other serial killers. It has the air of a professional performer interacting with the up and coming talent with a sense of "oh that's cute". If yet another cerebral psych session is anything to go by, we may be seeing Hannibal shift his attention from Will to Francis. If he can't forge a monster, he may as well nurture a ready made one. As for what Hannibal's up to with throwing Will Graham's name around on the phone, I have no clue.

Will Graham faces the Great Red Dragon

I won't deny it. I laughed when Francis Dolarhyde began devouring the authentic watercolor by William Blake. It was a beautiful metaphor for how fans blast through a show and immediately demand another season. Alas, he was to be caught American Pie style by Will Graham, before summoning Hulk strength from... somewhere. So Will has gotten a glimpse of our primary antagonist. Does this mean they will meet once more in the next episode, or does Dolarhyde intend to pay a visit to a certain Freddie Lounds first? All will be revealed in Hannibal Season 3 Episode 11.

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