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Cruella de Vil always clamors to the top of most terrifying villains lists, and it's easy to see how her lust for innocent puppy blood for something as frivolous as fashion makes her as evil as they come.

Although Cruella's devious plan to harvest 101 puppies for their spotty skins never came to fruition, would slaughtering this amount of dogs really be enough to give her the coat of her dreams?

Let's have a look at the grisly maths behind how far their pelts would stretch and find out just how many pooches would have to bite the dust to quench Cruella's insatiable thirst for fashion.

What's the height of fashion?

To figure out exactly how many pups would meet their doom for designer rags, Reddit user Dalroc used Glen Close, who played Cruella in the live-action 101 Dalmatians, as a model. At almost 5'4", Close is pretty much the average height for a woman, so this is a good start.

A Good Coating

According to sewing patterns, a coat for a slim woman like Close would be a size small and have a surface area that measures 90cm × 430cm = 38700cm² or 3.87 m².

Furface Area

Now we need to know just how much surface area an 11 to 12 week old dalmatian puppy has. Dalroc calculates that they are about 44cm long from neck to tail, but that's not the difficult part.

To calculate how much fur each pup can yield, we now need to work out the exact shape of a puppy. Using measurements from breeder websites, Dalroc calculates that around 22cm of the puppies are made up of their chest and stomach, and 15cm is usable skin from their hindquarters. The tail is negligible.

This means that the best shape to borrow an equation from is a sawn of cone, which is, if you're mathematically minded, pi × s × (R+r), where R and r are the radii and s is the length of the slope on the cone.

Dogs Dissected

Run puppies, RUNNNNNN!
Run puppies, RUNNNNNN!

When calculating the amount of fur that could be peeled from each pup, we need to bear in mind which parts are usable in the furrier trade.

The thin skin on the stomaches, legs, heads of tails cannot be used. To solve this problem, Dalroc alters the equation to account for these areas, meaning the final formula reads as below:

pi × (s × (R+r) - (R2 + r2 ) ) × 2/3

A Pelt at the Answer

This means that each puppy has a surface area of around of 0.13336 m².

Bearing this number in mind, this means that a puppy skin coat with a fabric lining would require a little more than 30 puppies (rounding the number up), and a full fur coat, inside and out, would require 59 puppies.

So, if Cruella would settle with a lined fur coat, she would have had enough puppies for three coats and have plenty enough for a muff and a couple of pets to accessories with.

Who would have guessed that this fashion fiend was even more greedy than we originally thought?

(Source: Reddit)


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