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No matter what Disney does, this animated film will be the biggest sequel in disney franchise history. There was a CN show called "Avatar: The Legend of Korra" where — in the final season of the show — Korra finally becomes in tune with herself and falls for the beautiful young LADY! It did not bother me one bit (except for the kiss they deleted from the final scene). For whatever reason though, we (the US) still seems to be more accepting of female gays than their male counterpart. The only people who will be outraged by Elsa being gay is Fox News. Let's be real, Frozen's revenues did not decline because Mr. "Big Summer Blowout" was gay (I thought those were all children until reading this post).

I would like to see her stay single. Disney has a deep rooted problem of tricking young little girls into believing love and marriage is "happily ever after" when in reality it takes years and arguably decades to build a strong foundation for a lasting marriage. There are a vast amount of single ladies that — by Elsa staying single — would subconsciously benefit from her staying single. How empowering and motivating would it be for single-independent women if Disney's most popular princess stayed single. Now, strong independent women most likely would NOT need emotional reassurance from an animated film, but for an adolescent in question about their own feelings and decisions, this may help a little. I am a 30-year old married male with two daughters, and I can't stand the three words "happily ever after." Even Anna's so-called "love" to Christoph is bogus, but I can delve into that in another post.

Overall, the only ending I will be annoyed with is if she falls for some Gaston-looking typical prince. But leave it to Disney to follow tradition.


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