ByZack Forgrave, writer at

Team Captain - Darth Vader

"You underestimate the power of the dark side"

Skills and traits;

Trained leader

Master of the force

Skilled in lightsaber combat

Experienced pilot

First round pick - Clayton Carmine


Skills and traits;

Cog solider

Hates to loose

Hard to kill

Experienced working with teams

Weapons expert

Refuses to die

Like any other cog solider he is able to fight for weeks without sleep

Second round pick - Deadpool (Wade Wilson)


Skills and traits;

Impossible to kill

Unpredictable fighting style

Can literally pull any weapon out of thin air

Master of disguise

Breaker of the fourth wall

Come on guys he's Deadpool does he really need much more of an explanation?

Third and final pick - Batman (Bruce Wayne)

"I'm Batman"

Skills and traits;

Genius level intelligence

Master detective

Master escape artist

Peak human physical condition

Master martial artist

Access to high tech equipment

He's Batman


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