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Nathaniel Rego

The iconic actor of 28 Weeks Later and ABC's Once Upon a Time, Robert Carlyle, shall be debuting as a villain in the 2nd season of Gotham. He shall portray the infamous Dr. Hugo Strange, head doctor at Arkham Asylum, Gotham's hospital for the criminally insane, whose determined to discover Batman's secret ID to be Bruce Wayne, the sole heir to the Wayne Enterprises company since the murder of his parents in the beginning of the series. For this reason, he has a minor army of bad ass villains to do his bidding while helping him find out Batman's real name...Garfield Lynns aka Firefly, Anarchy, Deadshot, and Scarface the living dummy with his human partner, Ventrilaquist aka Arnold Wesker. One by One they'll battle Batman drawing Strange a step closer to discovering and/or exposing Batman's secret ID to the world esp. Gotham.

Robert Carlyle challenges Batman as Hugo Strange the secondary villain in Gotham Season 2 when it returns to Fox fall 2015.


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