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The Fairly Odd Parents is a cartoon series created by butch Hartman, It was a good show but it was cancelled in the year 2006 and then revived in 2007 but then its quality begin to decline, there is a baby character and a dog which both are considered “Cousin Oliver syndromes” and most fans are getting bored that they wish that the series should be cancelled and now it’s renewed for its 10th season.

But if the series is going to be cancelled and it will have a chance to make one more episode which is a series finale that could be specia andl I think I know what the perfect series finale will be,Since the show always breaks the fourth wall and the characters are cartoonish especially that they know the awareness of many of the mythical and fairy tale like things except fairies.

So here’s how the series finale goes it can be called “So long Fairies” or something and it will be considered a mixture of the angry beavers never produced episode bye bye beavers and batman's the brave and the bold mitefall

The episode will begin like a normal episode with Timmy and the fairies doing their wacky adventures as usual especially against their usual enemies Vicky, Crocker and Foop

But then suddenly the characters heard the news from maybe Chet Ubetcha or some other real news source thing from a telegram by a cartoon postman or something said that the show is cancelled which cause The characters of the show to panic including Cosmo who begins to frantically cry in a comedic manner and scared, As the characters continuously panic Timmy and his fairies are now shocked and sad that the show is ending for real that they decided there is nothing they can do now but just go back to their room and just watch their hilarious moments from every season before the end and just before entering their room there will be a funny scene where Timmy’s parents begin to cry frantically and scared in a comedic manner at the same time about the shows ending.

Inside Timmy’s room the fairies conjured a giant TV and watch the montage of every episode as this will be considered a clip show, the running gag will involve the villains trying to give problems to Timmy before the show ends but are foiled by the fairies then in the climax as Timmy and the fairies are about to watch the last montage the villains team up and reform L.O.S.E.R.S to defeat Timmy and the fairies once and for but Timmy who has had enough tells the villains about the point of defeating him and his fairies for good now that the series is ending realizing this the villains decided they should try to be good instead just before the fairies defeat them in a cartoony way maybe blast them off to a different planet ,stranded in a desert island or something.

And after Timmy and fairies watch the last of the montage Timmy concludes that the show has ended but the memories will live on including many viewers the fairies acknowledge Timmy’s acceptance and wisdom but then suddenly they heard the noise from downstairs and begin to find out as they go to the living room to check they discover that a wrap party is held much like mitefalls series finale from batman the brave and the bold cartoon series as it will involve every characters in the party discussing their moments in the show and laughed at each other jokes including the cartoon forms of their actors ,the crew and even butch Hartman and then we see some cartoon like film crew begins to dismantle the props of the show as wanda said about this situation “Well sport ,I guess this is the end of an era” Timmy replies “Yeah but it was a great run” then he and the fairies break the fourth wall one more time and said to the viewers “And guys thanks for being with us for many years and be glad that we make your and Our wishes come true” Timmy, the fairies and the characters of the show in a group photo like stance wave goodbye to the viewers and then a curtain falls with the words THE END written all over it thus ending the series.

What do you think? Anyway if Butch Hartman sees this I hope he can make a final episode based on the one I made so that the show will go out with a bang in case it’s about to be cancelled.


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