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Nathaniel Rego

In the rebooted Superman franchise, Man of Steel, the last son of the deceased planet of Krypton has gone from human outcast on Earth to godly alien savior of the planet. Superman, real name Clark Kent, formally Kal El, has prove his home world wrong by destroying a destructive world engine (2 component doomsday device) unleashed by General Zod whose been exiled in the beginning to the Phantom Zone for treason and the murder of the late Jor El, Superman's dead father. He's also defeated and taken out Zod in epic battle and won the heart of Daily Planet journalist and reporter, Lois Lane (Amy Adams).

In Man of Steel 2 aka Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice, which will not be in theaters until March 25 2016, Superman ends up in epic rivalry with Batman real name Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) until they both team up alongside Wonder Woman (Gil Gadot) in battling Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luther and his creation, Bizzaro (Dante), made from Zod's corpse into Superman's evil yet backwards counterpart. Working with Luther are his attorney (Helen Hunt) and his girlfriend, Mercy. Jeremy Irons shall play the father of Lana Lane played by the female actor from Bedtime Stories (2008). Man of Steel 2 battles its way into theaters March 25th.

In the future final installment in the Man of Steel (Superman) Trilogy, Superman (Henry Calvin) battles the infamous alliance of the alien, Brainiac (Benedict Cumberbach) and Rudy Jones, alias: Parasite, who intend to desolate mankind and the modern Man of Steel with it. Superman takes on both villains in Man of Steel 3 aka Last Son of Krypton, in theaters 2018.

My most favorite Superman (Man of Steel) villain, next to Zod and Lex Luther, is already Bizzaro (portrayed by actor Dante) because he is the opposite of Superman since he is determined to save mankind by actually destroying it while doing the bidding of Lex Luther.


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